The Bucks Standard, July 13th 1895
CASTLETHORPE & HAVERSHAM. This match was played at Castlethorpe, on July 13th, and ended in a victory for the visitors.

J. West c and b Maguire
J. Dunkley b Wise
W. Worker b Dunkley
H. Bavington b Coey
W. Wise b Maguire
H. Gascoyne c Mills b Berry
T. Clark b Maguire
A. Maguire ht. wk. b Maguire
R. Berry c and b Dunkley
J. Baugh b Wise
G. Coey b Maguire
R. Bavington b Berry
T. A. Brearley b Maguire
G. Dunkley retired
W. Mills b Maguire
W. Tysoe b Wise
S. Gregory b Dunkley
C. Bavington not out
J. Dixon c R. Bavington b Dunkley
J. Waldon b Wise
H. Bennet not out
D. May st Worker b Wise

Extracts from "Haversham Estate And the Parish I Grew Up In" by David C. Brightman April 2000


Dad in 1937 used to play cricket for Haversham, this was on a pitch in the village, at the bottom of the hill on the left, behind Mr North and Mr Massey’s old farm buildings. I believe at one time there was another pitch behind the Rectory. Dad used a bat signed by Don Bradman, then it was passed on to me. We used it on the Crescent Green kid’s pitch, until it fell to bits about 1950. Mike Cruwys once hit a cricket ball through the shop window, I don’t know who paid for that, but it more or less put paid to cricket on The Green.

There was, about the mid 1920s motor bike races held in Cliff Norman’s dad’s field by the river, called Nash Meadow, this was at the time part of Stacy Hill farm at Wolverton. Dad and my uncle Ron Page and other used to race there, sadly Cliff was killed in a road accident at Banbury in 1929 and the races finished.

1982 W.I. Book


In the summer of 1978, in response to requests from the boys of the village, Mr Keith Stones set about forming Haversham Football Club. A sponsored 5-a-side match in the Drill Hall, Wolverton raised enough funds to set the Club in notion and enthusiastic fund-raising over the next two years through Pig Roasts and Bonfires on November 5th, Discos and Raffles ensured that the Club was well established.

The Club's first season was probably more enthusiastic than impressive, and, as all embryonic organisations, mistakes were made which only experience has resolved. However, the team held its own in Division 3 of the Milton Keynes Sunday and the seeds of its future success were sown.

During its second season the Club was running a senior team, managed by Mr. Stones, a junior team, managed by Mr. Robbie Tait, and an under 14 team, managed fer Mr. Brian Littlejohn, which unfortunately lasted for only one season.

In the 1980-81 season the under 18 team were runners up in the Chiltern League, but was prevented from playing in Division I of this League by lack of available foods and transport so it was decided to enter it as 'Haversham Reserves' in Division 5 of the Milton Keynes Sunday League.

By this time the Senior team had achieved promotion to Division 2 where it has Just completed a quite successful season of enjoyable football.

As well as its fund-raising functions the Club holds end-of-season Dinner-Dances at which the trophy presentations are made to the Players' Player of the year in each team, and the Committee's choice of 'Clubman of the Year'. In addition a purely social Darts Tournament Evening is held just before Christmas, with trophies for the winners of the wen's and Ladles' Singles knock-out Darts matches.

With one or two exceptions, the Committee has remained fairly stable since its original election, Mr. Gerald Denchfield has been the Chairman from the first, strongly supported initially by Mr. Keith Stones as Secretary and since Mr. Stones' resignation, by Mr. David Topp. Although these are, undoubtedly, the mainstay of the Club, it would be unfair not to mention Mr. Trevor Hopkins who is always readily available when there is P.R. work or fund-raising to be done.

However, now that most of the basic equipment has been purchased, fund-raising has levelled off to a regular '212 Club' a Tote whose weekly winning number is picked each Sunday lunch time in the 'Greyhound' Public House which also houses the Club notice-board since most of the players and Committee members use the pub at sometime or another.