Back row: L-R, Mrs Ruth Siggs, ?, Mrs Una Bull, Duke of Bedford, ?, Mrs Dunleavy, ?
Front row: ? Mrs Wagstaff with the stick
Photgraph taken at Haversham Village School

L-R: Burbidge, Thomas, Turner, Brown, J. Brown, Siggs, Kennally?, Scrivener, Sabin
Photograph taken in Mrs. Kemp's house - Brookfield Road
Back row L-R: ?, Mrs Wagstaff, ?, Mrs Kemp, Mrs. Arthur Keeves, Mrs. Horlock, Mrs. Ruth Siggs
Seated L-R: ?, Mrs. Aggie Barber, ?, Mrs. Waston, ?, Mrs. Bull

Members of Haversham W.I. at their October Meeting - 1965
L- R Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Pooley, Mrs Hollis, ?

Wolverton Express 17th February 1956

With the temperature well below freezing point. Haversham W.I. celebrated its 7th Birthday on Thursday, February 2. Mrs. Clarke (last year's president) had baved the weather and was present to cut the cake which was traditionally, her gift to the Institute.

An entertainment, was given by members of Bradwell Institute; first a play. entitled the Christmas Tree, which was much enjoyed. This was followed by songs, dances and sketches. Taking part were Miss Marshall. Mesdames Maxwell, Cowley, Ellis, Dickens, Sinfleld and Gentles, with Mrs. D. Brown pianist. They are a most versatile group and were warmly thanked by Mrs. Sampson.

An attractive buffet supper prepared by members of the Committee was served.

A blanket has been made by Mrs. Toothill as a result of the knitted squares competition held last autumn. This was on view at the meeting and an appeal for more squares to make another was made.

The theatre trip is arranged for Monday, February 20, leaving The Crescent 6 p.m.

Wolverton Express 12th February 1965

16th birthday of Haversham WI

The February meeting of Haversham W.I. was the Institute’s sixteenth birthday party. Entertainment was provided by the Brooklands Choir with Mrs. D. Harris at the piano. Their songs, both old and new, were greatly enjoyed by members and a vote of thanks was expressed by Mrs. Scrivener.

Refreshments were made and served by the committee. A large cake was made and cut by the president, Mrs. Thomas. The birthday toast was proposed by Mrs. Poynter.

A draw took place to decide who should go to the W.I. Jubilee Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Mrs. Turner was the lucky member.

A competition for the best hyacinth was won by Mrs. Draper, 2 Mrs. Randall, 3 Mrs. Marshall. Mrs. Poynter won a Jubilee tea towel in another competition.

A vote of thanks to the committee foe a successful evening was moved by Mrs. Siggs.

W.I. Book 1966
Mrs. Turner outside
Buckingham Place

Jubilee Year for the Women’s Institute at Haversham proved to be busy, lively and interesting.
Members supported the Area meetings of the Produce Guild. A delegate and visitors were present at the County Annual and Half Yearly Council meetings. In addition we enjoyed the Spring and Autumn meetings of the Ousedale Group and the special Jubilee Group party on November 20th.

Haversham members continued to take their turn in running the Trolley Shop at Renny Lodge Hospital and to make rugs of knitted squares for the patients sitting out of bed. Also this year they embroidered some kneelers for the new Chapel at the Hospital. Out President Mrs. Thomas was invited to the Dedication Service.

On June 26th our members joined with the rest of the county to celebrate the Jubilee with a Rally at Cliveden, the home of Lord and Lady Aster. We were blessed with a beautiful day and were able to enjoy the lovely setting of Cliveden to its full extent. The Ousedale Group ran a bottle stall and our members took their turn in looking after the stall and also donated and collected bottle for it.

The lucky members who went to the National Annual General meeting at the Albert Hall, the Lord Mayor’s reception at the Guildhall and the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace entertained us at the July meeting by describing their experiences. One member attended the Consultative Council meeting in September at Menai Bridge, Anglesey, and thought it well worth the journey.

The Bazaar on October 30th proved a success in every way and enabled the Institute to buy a seat to be erected for public use half way between the Village and the Estate. It is to commemorate the Jubilee Year of the W.I. movement.

Our Jubilee Dinner which was on November 27th was an enormous success. The committee catered and provided Tomato Soup, Cold Roast Turkey, Potato Salad and Coleslaw, Sherry Trifle, Cheese and Biscuits and Coffee. A fine conclusion to a memorable year.

Wolverton Express 1965

Haversham W.I.’s new banner

At the Haversham W.I. meeting, Mrs. Odell gave a demonstration of flower arranging. A competition for the best arrangement was judged by Mrs. Odell and won by Mrs. Marshall, 2 Mrs. Paton, 3 Mrs. Dunleavy.

Members of the handicraft section who made the new banner were warmly thanked by Mrs. Thomas (president). The banner was made from a sketch by Mrs. A. Barber and was on show for the first time at the Jubilee Rally at Cliveden, where, said the president, “we were very proud of it.”

Members who had attended the various Jubilee celebrations in London came in their party clothes to tell of their experiences. Mrs.
had been to the Albert Hall meeting and told of the Queen Mother’s visit and of the special poem, composed by C. D. Lewis and movingly read by the author.

Mrs. Turner told of her visit to the Buckingham Palace garden party where although it was a very cold day, it was a memorable occasion.

Mrs. Bull had been to the Guildhall reception and told of being chosen to be presented to the Lord Mayor.

Mrs. Una Bull's, W.I. Membership Cards - 1955