On the Borders
And Bucks

(Coloured Green on Plan No. 1)



Extends to
317 acres, 0 roods, 31 poles

in a ring fence, just west of the village of Haversham, with the fine old Church adjoining the Grounds.

2 miles from Wolverton Station, L. & N.W. main line, 4 miles from Stony Stratford, on the Watling Street main road from London to Birmingham, and within easy distance of the important towns of Northampton and Bedford, 52 miles from London (1 hour by rail).


The fine old Manor House is a Country
Residence of Distinction

built of stone with a tiled roof, which the course of years has toned down in a manner impossible to reproduce.

IT IS CHARMINGLY SEATED with its gardens amid park-like pastures and an avenue of fine old trees. The present approach is by a shrubbery drive which passes the Church.

The entrance leads to A SPACIOUS SQUARE STONED-FLAGGED HALL with panelled Oak mantelpiece, enclosing an ormolu mounted grate set in the open hearth.


The Reception Rooms

lead from the Hall, and include A WELL-PROPORTIONED DINING ROOM lighted
by 3 windows, one of which is set in an alcove, and this room is also fitted with a marble mantelpiece and recessed cupboards.

The Drawing Room

views over the lawns to the front Avenue, and also contains a marble mantelpiece with yellow tiled surround.

THE PRINCIPAL STAIRCASE rises from the Hall to the first floor corridor, off which are the following rooms:-

Billiard Room

with fine old Tudor stone mantelpiece, hearth and curb, and a quaint bay window.

5 Well-proportioned Bedrooms

one of which is especially spacious, having the same dimensions as the Drawing Room, and another has a dressing room attached. BATHROOM (hot and cold water), W.C. and Tank Room.


A SECONDARY STAIRCASE passes from the first floor to the Ground Floor.

The Domestic Apartments.

comprise a Kitchen, Larder, Servants’ Hall, Butler’s Pantry, Manservant’s Bedroom, with all necessary fittings, and beneath is a cellar.

An expensive Electric Light Plant is installed and also the Trunk Telephone.

The Quaint Old-world Manorial Dignity of this Place is emphasized
by the Inexpensive but Delightful Gardens

which are all in perfect keeping. At the side of the House there is a TASTEFULLY ARRANGED ROSE GARDEN with a raised herbaceous border under the fine old
wall which protects the grounds from the North.

In front of the House are the trim Lawns overlooking park-like pastures with a small ornamental pond, and a unique old stone built and tiled Dovecote, dated 1665. Sheltered by shrubs and trees is A PRODUCTIVE KITCHEN GARDEN (there is also
an additional Kitchen Garden).

Near by is the site of Haversham Castle, and remains of the ancient moat.

The Outbuildings

Which surround the Stable yard at the rear of the House include: A Motor House for two cars. Stabling for eight with loft over, and two additional loose boxes constructed of wood. Saddle Room. Engine House and accumulator room. A range of buildings comprising wood and coal stores, potting sheds, fruit store, etc.

The Farm Buildings

Are MAINLY STONE BUILT and SLATED and include Two Large Barns. Cart Horse Stable for seven with loft and yard with 4-bay shed. Loose Box. A Cattle Yard with 7-bay shed. A Cattle Yard with 5-bay shed. A Cattle Yard with 9-bay shed converted to calf houses. Range of Cow Sheds to tie about twelve. A 6-bay open Shed. Long implement Shed, Rickyard, etc., and other accommodation.

In a sheltered position in Field No. 164 is a SECONDARY SET OF BUILDINGS comprising 2 Open Yards, capable of accommodating 30 cattle, and a wood and slated Implement Shed.

In Field No. 117 is another 7-bay open hovel and yard.

The Land

can safely be described as SOME OF THE MOST PRODUCTIVE IN ENGLAND.

The more elevated pastures are strong feeding land, capable in a good season of feeding off two lots of cattle and sheep, and the meadow land cuts enormous crops of hay. The Arable is in good heart and in addition to being easy working is wonderfully productive.

Large amounts have recently been spent on bringing the Residence and Farm into first-class order. The Land is now in a condition to show a large return.


Five Workman’s Cottages and Gardens in the Village

Now in the occupation of Messrs. H. Smith, Green, Cave and Olderman.

The Cottages are built of stone, slated or tiled with outside lodges. They are conveniently placed to the Residence and Farm for the occupation of employees.

A brick and slated E.C. on one cottage belongs to Mr. J. Baugh and right of footway is also reserved to Mr. Baugh.

O.S. No. Names of Field Description Area Total Tenant Tenancy Est. Rent Burdens
176   Pasture 7.894          
Pt 174   Pasture 6.645          
177   Pasture 3.342          
120   Pasture 20.433          
115   Pasture 4.318         Rector's
116   Pasture 9.653         First
195   Pasture 1.912         Charge on
187 Walnut Tree Grd. Pasture 50.182         Manor
197   Pasture 36.506         £183 per
198   Pasture 19.213         Annum
188 The Park Pasture 33.936          
189   Pasture 13.044          
162   Pasture 20.522          
163   Pasture 3.611          
165   Pasture 3.258   In hand      
117   Pasture 1.306          
221   Pasture 1.647          
184 The Pleasure Grd. Pasture 8.254          
166   Marsh .447          
      ----- 246.123        
121   Arable 9.903          
122   Arable 7.712          
119   Arable 11.331          
118   Arable 9.980          
193   Arable 9.961          
191   Arable 13.044          
121a   Allotments 3.344          
      ----- 65.275     £7 16 0  
178   Bldgs & Waste .990          
186   Spinney .284          
194     .556          
194a   Spinney & Mash .216          
192   Spinney .269          
183   Fish Pond .321          
185   Fish Pond .240          
181 Manor House & Stabling   1.339          
180 Drive & Yard   .475          
182   Garden .218          
175   Spinney .180          
Pt156   Cottages .434 Smith &        
164   Cottages .324 others     £15 10 0  
      ----- 5.846        

Lot 2

(Coloured Blue on Plan No. 1)
AREA: 2 roods, 9 poles

The Attractive
Brick and Slated House and Shop

used as the Post Office and village store, with the following accommodation:-
GROUND FLOOR: Shop and Post Office, Parlour, Kitchen, Larder, Scullery fitted with copper and sink.
FIRST FLOOR: 4 good Bedrooms.
There are ample outbuildings consisting of a Loose Box and Trap House with Loft
over. Coal Barn and Pigsty.
Also a Paddock, Orchard and Large Garden.
There is a good well of water on the Property.

O.S. No. Description Area Rent Tenant Tenancy Burdens
146 House, Paddock and Garden .561 £20.0.0 Wm. Birch Quarterly Landlord paying rates

(Coloured Blue on Plan No. 1)
AREA: 1 rood

Three Well-built Brick and Slated Cottages

On the right hand side of the Road to Little Linford, each containing 3 Rooms and
Larder, and outside Barns and Wash House, fitted with Copper.
There are good gardens and also a well of water on the Property.
The owner of the adjoining cottage (Mr Baugh) has the right of user of the well.

O.S. No. Description Area Tenants Rents Burdens
Pt156 Cottage and Garden .250 J. Gammage
T. Baugh
Mrs. Dunkley
£7 160
£6 10 0
£5 4 0
Landlord paying rates

(Coloured Red on Plan No.1)

The Village Smithy
with GARDEN at the rear.

Near the Greyhound Inn, built of brick and slated, consisting of 2 Forges and Shoeing Shed. Let to Mr. H. North at the annual Rent of £5.

(Coloured Yellow on Plan No. 1)

Two Stone and Slated Cottages

One now vacant, each containing about 5 Rooms with outside Barns, E.C.’s and

There is a well of water on the Property

O.S. No. Description Area Tenants Rents Burdens
Pt141 Cottages and Gardens .255 Mr. White
Nominal Owner pays rates

(Coloured Brown on Plan No. 1)

AREA: 33 poles

Two Stone and Thatched Cottages

One in the occupation of Mr. S. Partridge, the other being vacant.
With Valuable Gardens on the opposite side of the road.

(Coloured Pink on Plan No. 1)

The Freehold Reversion

of a BUNGALOW and SITE extending to .250 of an acre, let on a lease for 50 years
from xmas 1917 to Lilian Stannard* at a Ground Rent of £2 per annum.

* (If her Mother should so long live)


(Coloured Green on Plan No. 2)

The Manor House, Passenham
On the borders of Northamptonshire and Bucks.

1 mile west of Stony Stratford (Watling Street main road), 3 miles from Wolverton, L.
& N.W. Main Line, 53 miles from London.

Extends to 17 acres, 0 roods, 15 poles.

This is a fine old gabled Seventeenth Century
County Residence

of importance, delightfully situated on the banks of the Ouse.

Between the road and the House are Lawns overshadowed by fine old trees with a winding drive to the east front and stable yard.

The old stone-built porch entrance gives access to a

Lounge Hall

(26 ft. x 13 ft. from which there is also an entrance to the pleasure gardens.

The principal reception rooms include:-

A Dining Room with a Bay Window

(19 ft. x 16 ft.) with folding doors to the

Drawing Room

(26 ft. x 16ft.) which is an exceedingly pleasant apartment with bay windows over-
looking the pleasure grounds and fitted with a carved marble mantelpiece.

Comfortable Breakfast Room

(20 ft. x 20 ft.)

A Principal Staircase

Rising from the Hall gives access to a wide corridor on the first floor, off which are

Two Principal Bedchambers

(17 ft. x 15ft. and 19 ft. x 16ft.)


Water is raised by a force pump to tanks in the House.

The Old World Pleasure Gardens

Which border the banks of the Ouse are particularly attractive and sheltered from the
cold winds by ornamental timber. The wonderful old Barns, more fully described later
in Lot 9, and picturesque stone walls, while the fine old tower of St. Guthlac’s Church adjoining adds delightfully to the charm.

In addition to the front lawns, is a tennis lawn and formal garden on the S.W. side of the Residence, with a conservatory adjoining the House.

Near by are PRODUCTIVE KITCHEN GARDENS, one of which is walled in.

Among other attractions of this delightful old pleasance is a Plantation adjoining the River Ouse, with Woodland Walks.

The Stable and Outbuildings

Comprise a central range of 3 Loose Boxes and 2 Stalls, Pony Stable, Harness Room,
2 Motor Houses, Hay and Corn Loft and Groom’s Bedroom.

OTHER RANGES include a set of Piggeries, Tool Houses, Potting Sheds, Wood Stores, Forcing Houses, etc.

The property also includes

Two Closes of Rich Feeding Land

Situated immediately opposite the front entrance gate to the Residence.

O.S. No. Description Area Total Tenant Tenancy Est. Rent Burdens
Pt136 Manor House, grounds etc. 2.564   In hand ---------- £150 0 0 Tithe £5 5 11
137 Hop Yard .853         Fee Farm Rent
138 Backwater .336         £8 8 1
Pt141 Part of River Ouse .250          
158 Part of New Close 3.612          
159 Robin's Leys 9.479          
    ------- 17.094        


(Coloured Pink on Plan No. 2)

A Set of Farm Buildings

including the TWO WONDERFUL OLD BARNS previously referred to.

Built with buttressed stone walls in the monastic style, with tiled roof supported at the
eaves by wide oak brackets. Inside, the unique old oak timber work and the beams are
carried by Oak Corbels.

The Barn known as “The Tithe Barn” is of immense size and could be usefully used in connection with the House or Parish.

There is also a SECONDARY BARN equally interesting.

A stone and tiled 5-bay Cattle Shed with Loose Box and Yard. Cart Horse Stable for six. Harness Room and other accommodation.

The buildings are at present in the occupation of Mr. Frost (the adjoining owner) at a yearly rent not yet settles, but estimated at £40 per annum.

O.S. No. Description Area Total Tenant Tenancy Est. Rent Burdens
Pt136 Two Barns and Yard .250   Mr. W. J. N. Yearly £40 0 0  
Pt155 Part of Old Garden .125   Frost      
    ----- .375        

LOT 10

(Coloured Blue on Plan No. 2)

Passenham Mill


extending to

22 acres, 2 roods, 15 poles

Forming an excellent Small Holding, in addition to which a lucrative grinding and
corn business could be carried on. £1,275

The House

Is substantially built of brick with slated roof and contains: Sitting Room, Kitchen,
Scullery, Dairy, 4 Bedrooms, and outside Lodges.

There is also a Productive Garden

The Mill

is expensively built of stone with tiled or slated roof and has three floors.

Cheap power is provided by a Mill Race with two water wheels to drive four pairs of stones.

Modern machinery could easily be fitted, or it would form an excellent power station for the provision of electric light to the Manor House and for grinding.

In addition to the Mill is a compact set of

Stone Built and Slated Farm Buildings

surrounding a yard, and comprising: Cow House for three, Stable for four, three-bay shelter Shed, two Piggeries and a four-bay Implement Shed.

The Meadow Land

to be sold with this Lot is WONDERFULLY PRODUCTIVE

O.S. No. Description Area Total Tenant Tenancy Est. Rent Burdens
Pt120 Part of River Ouse .137         Tithe Rent
122 The Break 2.354         Charges paid by
Pt123 Part of River Ouse .050   In hand ------ £100 0 0 Landlord
124 Denton's Meadow 4.857         £6 2 4
125 The Breaks .595          
126 The Break .510          
Pt127 Part of River Ouse .131          
128 Denton's Holme 6.817          
131 The Meadow 3.939          
132 The Mill House, Buildings, etc. .495          
133 Paddock 1.084          
Pt141 Part of River Ouse 1.625          
    ------- 22.594        

NOTE: The Property is sold subject to Fee Farm Rents of £1 7 8 and 2/8.