INVENTORY - to form part of the Contract.


Oct. 1954" Fordson Major Diesel Tractor on pneumatics, with
electric light, starter, ballast wheels end strakes.

2 Ferguson Diesel engined Tractors, new Oct. 1954.
One with oversize front wheels.

1952 David Brown Cropmaster 6 Tractor on good pneumatica.


Massey-Harris 8' 6" Cut Combine, bagger model, Morris T.V.O.
Engine.1 season only.

T.45. International Baler. P.& O. Model. 4th season.

Garvie Grain dresser and Electric Motor. 2 years old.

Webb "Quick spread" Manure distributor.

Set of Avery Platform Scales.

Wolseley Sack Lifter with Petter l½ h.p. Engine.

Sack Lifter.

Lister 1½ h.p. Engine.
3 new three furrow mounted ploughs -
1 Ford Ransome, 1 season.
2 Fergusons, 1 season.

"Salopian" Farm Yard Manure Spreader on pneumatics.1 year.

David Brown Mounted Potato Spinner.

International P.T.O. 5' cut Mounted Grass Mower.

Sheep shearing tackle with 2 almost new heads

In the Barn.

Automatic mixing machine complete with electric motor and starter.

Denning 12 row combined Cora Drill.

International Farmyard Manure Spreader on pneumatics.

4 wheel Tractor Trailer by Cooper. (Metal Frame).

- do. -(Wooden Frame).

4 wheel Trolley on pneumatics,

Blanch S.D. Rake and Swathe turner.

Lister-Blackstone Elevator and 1½ h.p. petrol engine.

250 gallon Diesel Oil Tank and Tap.

250 gallon T.V.O. Tank and Tap.

Wrekin plate mill.
'Fyna" hammer mill.
12 h.p. electric motor and switch gear, belting, etc.
3 wheel food barrow.



In the Barn. (Contd.)

Fordson steerage hoe.

Bouter with 3 ridge bodies. David Brown.

David Brown hoe.

2 galvanised Pig Dry Feeders.

3 Portable Hay Rack. s

2 new Ladders.

2 loading Ladders.

4 wheel pneumatic-tyred Trolley.

"Sellare" Small Electric portable Compressor.


"Wolley" Electro Block Sterilising Equipment, with electric automatic switchgear, chest and trough.

6 unit "Alpha-Laval" Milking Machinery, with stainless steel
buckets, with electric motor

Pump and piping to 80 standings.

"Perkins" Brine Cooler, complete with "Alpha-Laval" Milk lift.

Churn Trolley.

40 Double automatic Drinking Bowls, piping and header Tank.

2 wheel Tank Trolley.

Ferguson "Hi-lift" manure loader, almost new.

Good 2 wheel Trolley with tipping gear and sides.

Smythe drill.

Lister Tractor Hay Rake.

Massey 6' cut Binder(new 1948).
-do- 7' out Binder.


Bamford 7 R.T. Tractor Grass Mower.

Horse Root Drill.

McCormick Bale Loader, 2 years old.

Set of Zig-Zag Harrows.

Set Aitkenhead Harrows (double).

2 sett teed Harrow.

'Knapps' Hay Loader.

Set of triple ring rolls.

Nicholson 9 tine Cultivator.

Set of Lug Wheels for the David Brown Tractor


The straw from 170 acres of White Straw crops baled.

About 150 tons of string tied baled meadow and mixture hay.
Net weight not guaranteed.

These to be taken over at valuation.


0.8. NO. 38.
18.270 acres. 18 acres 1st year of a 3 year ley.
O.S. HO. 45. 8 acres A permanent ley put down last year.
O.S. 10. 61. 20 acres 3rd year of a semi-permanent ley.
20 acres 1st year of a semi-permanent ley.
O.S. 10. 70. Plough up 1 year ley.
O.S. HO. 57.
16 acres. 16 acres 3rd year of a semi-permanent ley.
Young Seeds.
O.S. NO. 15.
11.163 acres. 11 acres Young Seeds, 2 year mixture.
O.S. Ho. 41.
12.722 acres. 12 acres Young Seeds, Clover mixture.
O.S. No. 39
12.436 acres. 12 acres Young Seeds, Clover mixture.

Roots, in the ground.
O.S. No. 62.
37 acres. 9 acres Mangolds.
O.S. HO. 62.
37 acres. 2 acres Kale, Marrow stem.
1 acre Cabbage Seed.

2 Clamps carted oat.