SITUATION: About 2 miles from Tarbolton and 7 miles from Ayr

EXTENT - The lands extend to 174.3
acres or thereby of which about 9 acres
are permanent pasture.

LANDS - The farm is considered one of
the most highly productive in the county.
A very high standard of husbandry has
been maintained by Mr Paton and the
lands are in a rich state of fertility.
Fields are adequately watered and march
and interior fences are in good repair.

CROPS - A regular rotation of cropping
has been practised.The acreages for 1955
25 acres oats (15 acres sown out).
25 acres hay.
6 acres green crop.
8 acres grass silage.

STOCK - The farm is presently carrying
55 dairy cows and followers totalling 140
head attested Ayrshire dairy cattle. 5
score stock hoggs are wintered annually
at a rental of approx. £40 per score. 2
work horses and a few poultry.

BUILDINGS - The dwelling is substantially
built of stone, attractively situated
with a south-west exposure. Accommodation
comprises - 3 bedrooms and 1 public
room upstairs; on ground floor, 2 public
rooms, 2 bedrooms, hall, porch and bathroom,
completely modernised kitchen with
Aga cooker, Agamatie boiler with hot
water supply to dairy, built-in cupboards
etc.; modern tiled fireplaces. The interior
decoration of the house is in beautiful

The farm buildings are as advertised
and are all in excellent repair. Yards are
tarmacadamised. Brick-built dungthead.
Two workers' cottages.

SERVICES - Electric light and power
from South Scotland E.B. installed
throughout dwelling and steading. Gravitation
water from county main. Telephone.

VALUATIONS - Mr Paton has acquired
a farm in England and intends to remove
his entire herd. A purchaser may have the
option of, taking over at valuation the
implements, equipment and plenishing,
also the crop.

The purchaser will be bound to take
over at valuation the following items.
Alfa Laval milking machine of 6 units
and spare can, electric motor, vacuum
pump, auxilliary 1½ h.p. Ruston Hornsby
engine and pump, Frigidaire Icebank
cooling plant, G.E.C. electric sterilising
plant, etc., approx. 2250 bales silage.

A purchaser will also be given the
option of acquiring at valuation, viz:
Scot-Mec hammer mill, Bendix washing
machine, curtains, fitted carpets and floor
coverings, etc., within the dwelling-house.

Included in the price of the farm and
not to be acquired at valuation will be-
All dung, spread and in dungstead, grass
seeds, water bowls, milking machine,
piping. The purchaser of the farm will
also get the benefit, free of charge, of 50
tons ground limestone and 8 tons basic
slag, all recently sown.

Assessed Rental, £221 16s.
Stipend, £19 2s 2d.
Land Tax, £1 17s 2d.

ENTRY - Entry and vacant possession
as may be mutually arranged but not
later than 28th November.

VIEWING - For arrangements to view
please phone Mr Paton (Annbank: 216).

TITLES - The title deeds may be
inspected with Messrs M'Cosh and
Gardiner, Solicitors, 130 High Street, Ayr.

OFFERS - All offers to be made in
writing to the subscriber on or before
28th October, 1955.

Auctioneer, Valuator and Estate Agent