Haversham Council School, July 1913

Harry Bartholomew

Wolverton Express 21st June 1968

Over 50 years ago a man who recorded the contemporary North Bucks scene lived at Great Linford. He was Mr. Harry Bartholomew, the photographer.

School groups, village outings churches, large houses, military groups, football teams boy scouts troops were all taken by Mr. Bartholomew. Any scene or event in fact that would bring the sale of a few photographs with his name stamped in one corner.

Either by pony and trap or later by belt-driven motorcycle Mr. Bartholomew would take his cumbersome plate cameras and tripods all over North Bucks.

The plates were processed in his darkroom at the rear of his home in Great Linford, High Street. Then they were set out in frames in the sunlight to make the familiar brown prints.

Many a postcard holds a treasured place in a family album, and more than once the “Express” has been pleased to reproduce one of Mr. Bartholomew’s pictures to illustrate a story of local interest.

Imagine our pleasure when Mr. Ralph Hall, of Wood Farm, Great Linford brought us several boxes of Mr. Bartholomew’s original plates. Some are still in excellent condition, but unfortunately only a few give an indication of where or when they were taken.

In the coming weeks we shall be publishing a series of these interesting photographs. If readers can help with any information we hope they will not hesitate to write to us.

Here is an easy one for a start. The copper-plate writing on the blackboard in front says “Haversham Council School, July 1913.” Does anyone know the names of the children?

If anyone has information about Harry Bartholomew or any of his photographs please contact Sue - mailto:sue@castlethorpe.org