Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 1 23

Alexander Asshby 1520
In the name of god Amen the yere of god 1520 the eygth day of november I Alexander Asshby of haversham make my testament in this manner folowyng ffirst I bequeth my soule to almighty god to our lady and to all the holy company of hevyn my body to be buryed in the churchyard of haversham It. For my mortuary as the [custom] It to the mother churche of lincoln iiijd Item to the high Allt[ar] my tythes forgoten iiijd It. To the belles iiijd It. To the torches iiijd The residew of my gods [goods] I gyve to Thomas Asshby and to Jone Assby my Wife Whom I may mynd executors of thys my testament to dispose them for the Welth of my soule Thes being Witnesses Sir William Beest parson of Haversham illeg Asshby John Assby Christopher gilbey with other men