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John Astby 1538
In gods name amen the yere of our lorde god 1538 In the rayne of our sofferene lorde Kyng henry the viiijth the xxx I John Astby being of holr mynde never the lesse syke in body make my testament and last wyll in thys manner and wysse first I bequeath my sole to god almighty and to our lady saynt mary and to all the saints in hevyn my body to be berryd In the churche yarde of our blessed lady in haversham a for sayde I bequeath for my mortu.r after the order of the Kyngs lauyes Item I bequeath to the church of lingolle a buschell of barley Item I bequeath to my wyf ij of my best kye Item I gve to my wyf ij of my best horsys with my best carte and she to have ye crop the dettes payd Item I give to george my sone the graye horsse namy obbe Item I give to george the redde sterid heyffer Item I bequeath to Jone a blak cowe namyd coll and wenyng caulfe of the same yere Item I bequeath randoll my sone the cowe namyd crophorne Item I give to randole a caulfe of a yere holde Item I give to Wylliam a sterryd heffer of iij yeres hold Item I give to sam sibbell[ing] a caulfe of thys yere And Item I give to my sone rychard chylder ij ox caulffes of thys yere Item I give to georg my sone a cutted heffer ij yeres hold Item I give to my to rychard my sone a yong horse namyd obbe and ij mares with a cartte and vj quarters of barley groying within the passonage of castellthorp and in ij cowppulles of ewys and ther lamms Item I give to the bells in haversham churche ij bushels of barley the resydu of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath them to rychard my sone making hyme my tru executor to dysposse them for the wellthe of my sowle and all christen sowls Item I give to annis robins dwelly in cossgrave a newe with a lam: Amen Allso I make overseaer of mi last Will Mr Anthony Salisbury and William asby to oversee the disposing of my goods for the Welth of my soule thes berryng Wyttnes Sir John Clement parson of haversham John Warren of the same John Spensar of the same with other men Wryten the day and yere Above Said

Probate 1st August 1538