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William Bechington 1559
In the name of god amen the yere of our lord god 1558 the xxiiij day of august etc I Sir William bechington of Haversham in the countie of Bucks prest syk in body but hole of mynd thankes be to god make my testament and Laste will in forme folowinge ffirste I geve and bequeath my soule unto almygthie god etc and my body to the erthe Item I wil that my best gowne shalbe sold by my executrix and the mony to be geven among my godchildren Item I will and bequeath my second gowne unto henry fowlers wife of Cranfeld Item I for geve my brother in Lawe a xs that he oweth me Item I geve him iij shepe which I had of him Item I geve to xpior [Christopher] Lamberd anold cote Item I geve to mres Jeses Ilshawe a pillow and a pillow bere and I make the sayd Jes Ilshawe my sole executrix of this my onyle will and testament reserving all to her discretion to distribute the residue of my goods my debts payd and legcis payd for the helte of my soule Witnes Sir Richard Abbot prest Jeyes Ilshawe and others