Register I of Archbishop Chichele, folio 366 Archives of Lambeth
Lady Elizabeth Clinton
Extracts copied from the Register I of Archbishop Chichele, folio 366; preserved in the Archives of Lambeth.

I Elizabeth lady of Clynton hool1 in mynde the xxix day of Octobr make and ordeigne my testament in this maner. Ffurst2 I be whethe3 my soule to God almyghty, to oure lady Seynt Marye and to al the halwen4 of heven and my body to be beryet in the chauncell of Haversham byfore the ymage of ure lady Seynt Marie.

Also I be whethe my new masseboke and my best vestement to the churche of Haversham for to serve at al tymes. Also I be whether my best chalys and my next best vestement to serve the auter5 in the chapel of Seynt Petir the apostell in the same church of Haversham there as my chulder lyen.


Also I wole that myn exectours ordeyn vij prestes to syng for me vij yere next foloyng my deth in the church of Haversham if hit may be that thei may singe in the saide churche and that thei may have esement6 in a place I callet Hornes place …. And that ich7 preste of hom8 tak viij marke be yere …. And a masse of requiem be seid every day among hom for my soule, my fader and my moder soules, for all myn husbondes soules, my children soules. For Katerine my suster soule, al myn awncetours, for al the soules that I am dette to prey fore and for al Cristen soules.
Also I be whethe to the frere prechours9 of Northampton to be departet10 among hom to prey for my soule and the soules above said xl s. and to other iij ordres of frerys in the same toune ich hous xx s ….
also to ich prisoner hows in London vj s. viij d. also to ich prisoner hous in Northampton vj s. viij d.

Also I be whethe to the makyng of the belles of Haversham x marke.
Also I be whethe to the priour of the convent11 of Maxstoke to prey for my soule and the soule of my lorde Clynton xl s.
Also I be whethe to be departed amonge my pore tenantes of Haversham x marke to prey for my soule, and to be departed among my pore tenantes of Compton Chamberleyn xl s., and to my pore tenantes of Cloybroke xx s.


Also I be whethe to Alys Payn, of sche12 be with me in to my last ende c marks, or elles13 the valew of goode as muche as hit wul conteyne.

Also I be whethe to the abbot and convent of Notley to prey for my soule, my moder saule and the soules abofe write x marke.
Also I be whether to Elsabeth the wif of George Longvil my lesse sauter and my best goune to have me in hir remembrance.
Also I be whethe to Sir John Marscall persoon14 of Lynford to prey for my soule xl s.
Also I be whethe iche swyer15 that is with me in household at my deyng xl s. …. To Jankyn Boteler xl s., and to ich other yoman that is with me ay my deyng xx s., and to ich grome xllj s. iij d.
(seven executors named)
And for to execute this testament truly and to perfourme my wille I be whethe to John Barton xx li., to Thomas Payn x marke and to Sir Gilbert Thornbern persoon of Haversham c s. ….
for to fulfil my foresaid testament as thei al wul unsware afore God at the dreadful day of dome.

Probate November 9th 1423

1. whole
2. First
3. bequeath
4. holy ones, saints
5. altar
6. easement, accommodation
7. each
8. them
9. friar preachers
10. divided
11. convent, a religious community
12. she
13. else
14. parson
15. squire