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Thomas Esix 1568
In deinomine amen. the xiiijth day of September ao dom 1568 I thomas Esix of haversham being of hole mynd and good and perfect memorye sound etc praised be unto all myghtie god do make and ordayne this my present testament and Late will in manner and forme following ffirst I bequethe my soule unto almyghtie god and my body to be buryd in the parishe churche yard of haversham aforesaid Item I geve to Richard Esix my sonne iij shepe Item I geve to Jo Bentley iijs iiijd Item geve unto my iiij children thes by name Rich Esix Elisabeth Mathew and Jones Esix the halfe of al my goods equally to be devyded among them and if any of thes iiij that is to say Richard Elisabeth Mathew and jees do dye before ther complete age I will that his stok or hers so departing to be equally delyded amongst the Longer Livers of the iiij etc Item I geve unto Joanne my wife thother halfe of my goods and she shall pay of the same halfe bute John my sonne and Isabel my daughter iijl equally to be devyded betweene them tw.ygne and of any of them dye before there dy complete age I will that his or her stock so departing to remayne unto the longer Liver Witnes Jo Parker James fernell Jo Rennoldes with other men

Probate xxij [22nd] September ao dim 1568