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Agnes Fletcher 1560
In dei nomine the vijth day of auguste ano dm missing fflether of Haversham in the countie of Bucks widow m missing will and testament as foloweth ffirst I bequth my soule [to al]myghtie god and my body to be buryd in the Churche yard beforesaid also I geve to the poore mens box of hav[ersham] missing To the mother church of Lincoln ijd to the wat[er] bridge iijs iiijd and to the reparcons of the bridge a missing iijs iiijd also I geve to Richard fflettcher acowe missing Raffe acowe and aheckfer and aheckfer to Jeys missing heyfer to Jeys fflekcher a heckfer to Elisabeth ffet[cher] missing To every of my godchildren iiijd Item I beqth missing a sucking Colte To Isabell Conquest a shepe missing my goodes unbeqthed my debts and funeral charges missing I geve and beqth to my iiij children to be equally dev[ided] missing them by my executors also I ordeyne and ma[ke] missing Linsoy Clerk and Jo Asheby my Lawfull executors missing this my laste will and testament and they to have for missing of my proper goods Thes being witnes thomas La missing henry fford John the heremyte with other missing

Probate 1559 xij January