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Joyes Ilshawe 1559
In the name of god Amen the xxiiijth day of ffebruary in ye yeare of our lord god 1559 and in the Second yeare of the Raigne of our soveragne lady Quene Elyabeth quenie of England ffrance and Ireland a supreme governor of the Church of England and Ireland etc of I Joyes Ilshawe of the haversham in the Countye of Bucks widow doth ordajne and make this my last wyll and testament in manner and fforme ffolowinge ffirst I bequeath my soule to Almightie god and my body to be buryed in the Church off havershame nygh to Richard Ilshaw my latte housband Item I gyv to ye mother Church of Lincoln iiijd Item I gyve ye poore mens boxe of haversham xxs Item to the maytenance of the bells xxs Item I gyve to the reparinge off lyttle lynford bridge xxs and to the Reparinge of mead myle bryge xxs Item I gyve and bequeath to the Edwarde lucy xls to martha lucy xls to lucy Ales xls To mary leacke iijl vjs viijd Item I bequeath to the pon..tie of newporte parnelle xs to the pon..tie of much lynford vjs viijd And to the p..ontie of little lynford vs to Rowland vs gwyllyames ij yewes and to lambes and xxs in mony to Awsten beyddell a Cowe and xxs in monye To Joyes Jhonson a Cow and xxs in mony to Jhon bentley a Cow and xxs in monye to Katheryn prowde ij kyne and xxs in monye Item to Jhon gaddsen a Cowe and xxs in monye to florance pecke a Cowe Item I gyv to Elyzabeth palley xs to eylie skydmore my god dowghter xxs to Anne Cave xls to everye of my godchildren borne in havershame ijs a pece Item I gyv to Thomas essex a Cowe and to every of my servants being in my service at the tyme of my departinge I gyv a xxs a pece bysydes ther wages Item I gyve to Joanne warre a bed coverninge of grene Item I gyv to Ane waden my syster xls to Thomas and Jhon her sonnes each of them xxs Item I gyve to Thomas travel xxs to william prettie xxs I wyll yf god caull me at this tyme that my servants shall have their liveries in blacke Item I gyve and bequeath to Rychard hynde a Read Ronde Colte of iij years olde The Rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts and funeral charges beinge payde I gyve and bequeath to Thomas lucy esquyer whom I do ordayne and make my lawffulle and ffull executor to performe this my last wyll and testament And Also Richard lucy overseer of the same to whom I gyve vl in monye thes beinge wittnes Jhon Rawlynson Clarke Richard hynde James warren with other men

Probate Second of May 1559