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John Mauncell 1606
I John Mauncell of Haversham in the county of Bucks yeoman gentleman do in the name of god make this my last will and testament of and concerneing all my goods and chattels whatsoever. Ffirst I give to the poore of Haversham xxs. Item I give to each of my servants beinge with me at the tyme of my death iijs iiijd Item I give to my sister Glover and unto her children xls. Item I give unto Tobias my sonne five hundred marks two hundred pounds whereof to be paid unto him uppon the feast day of St John Baptiste which shalbe in the yere of our lord god 1608 or within three monethes after the said feast, And the other two hundred marks within one whole yeare after the feast of St John Baptist before becited. Item I give unto John my sonne five hundred marks to be paid unto him, when he shall accomcelishe the full age of xxv yeres, This always being provided, that niether Tobias nor John my sonnes shall not claime nor have anie right title or interest nor either of them, in anie lease or leases made unto them or other of them, by the late Sir Thomas Lucy Knight, but upon request made, shall graunt confirme and realease, all their of late right title or interest, which either they have or may have in the said leases unto my Executors hereafter named and appointed for the better performing of this my will and testament. My Will and meaning is further also that my Executors shall deducte out of the five hundred marks before before unto John my sonne, all suche charges as they shall disburse for the procuring of a fellowship in Magdalen College in Oxford for him Item I give unto Raphe Thomas and ffrancis my sonnes unto each of them five hundred marks apiece to be paid unto either of them when he shall have accomplished the full age of xxiiij yeres. Item I give unto Marie my daughter five hundred marks, two hundred pounds whereof to be paid unto her at or upon her marriage day or within three moneths then next following And the residue within one whole yere next after her said marriage, This being always provided, that my daughter Marie marrie with the consents of my Executors and according as it shall fitt and agreeable for such a portion. Item I give unto Dorothie Hasellwood my daughter five pounds wishing her therwith to buy a peece of plate and to keepe the same for my sake. The residue of my goods and chattels I give and bequeath unto my lovinge Wiefe Dorothey Maunsell and unto Samuell Maunsell my eldest sonne, And I do make and constitute bothe of them Executors of this my last will and testament willing and charging them also to bring up my children in the feare of god also allowing them such mantaynance for the bringing up in learneing or otherwise as shalbe bothe necessary and conveyniente. And because at the request of my loving wiefe I gave unto dorothey my daughter at her marriage on hundred marks more then I have here given unto my other children, my request is likewise unto her, that my children remayneing dutiful and obedient unto her as they ought and by this my will and testament I do stracyhtly charge and command them, And god giving his blessing unto such my goods and chattells which I shall leave, that she would adde unto each of their legacies before bequeathed one hundred marks also unto which if she give her consent my will is that then it be preformed accordingly, and so I leave that to her discretion. Item give to Mr Raffe Smithe of Milton John Maunsell of Chichley, Robert Hasellwood my sonne in lawe and John ffarnwell of Loughton xxs apiece, And do make the said Raffe, John, Robert and John, overseers of this my last will and testament. In witness I herunto sett my hand and seale the third day of Januarie in the yere of our lord god one thousand six hundred and five. By me John Maunsell sane and perfecte memorie, This is my last will and testament and published by me the said daie of which it beare the date. In the presence of John Maunsell of Robert Hasellwood Samuell Maunsell John Russell his marke

Probate 15 March 1605/6 at London