Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 3 110
George Patynson 1535
In the name of god Amen In the yere of our lord god 1535 and the ixth day of June I george Patinson of Haversham in the county of Buckyngham viij[d] the dioase of lincoln hole of mynd and goode of remembrance partly sycke and deseased in my vody make this my testament and last wyll in manner and forme flowing ffirst I bequeth my soule to Almyghty god and my bodye to be buryed within the paryshe church of Haversham aforesayde It. In the name of my mortuary acordyng as the castrance and the Kyngs Aches doth appere at the tyme Itm to mother church of Lincoln iiijd Itm to the church of Haversham wher moste mynde is of reparcons att ant tyme XXs Itm to John patynson my kinsman of london my best gowne and my best doblett Itm I wyll that Joane Elles my servante att this tyme being have all my houshold stuffe sowell Beddyng pewter Brasse as all other ymplements of householde what so ever ther be within my housse att this tyme after my deasse without any m..mptyon vexacyon or toble of my Executors or any other parsone or parsons I wyll also that the sayde Joane Ellies have my cottage that I do now att this tyme dwell yn wh.h the appurtenances durynge her lyffe And after the deasse of the sayde Joane I wyll the sayde cottage with th[e] appurtenances do rmayne to my ffeythfull and good Mr master Wylliam lucye to his heres and assygnes for evermore The Residue of my goods not bequeathed my detts being payed I gyve and bequeth to Wylliam Garlande and John Earle of Stony Stratford whom I do ordayne constitute and make my feythfull and trew Executors of this my last wyll and testament ther to dispose my goodes and bring me honestly .y yerth as ther thynck best and for my most soules health and as ther shall all witness before god at the Judgement And my sayde Executors to have both of them for ther labours and paynes taken iij my ensyones iijs iiijd and ther caste so often as ther shall make any In meys for my business And I hereby desire my ffethfull and loving goode .. master Wylliam lucye to be supervisor of this my testament and last wyll as my she yall truste is in hayth every in him and all his Ancestors before tyme syth the first tyme of my servant before to them these being wytnes Sir John Clement parson of Haversham aforesayde Anthonye Salvsenry of the same gent John Rusch of the same with other men
Probate January iij