Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 60/126 DAWf: 73/256

Alice Richards 1724
Known to whom it may Concern that I Alice Richards widow of the parish of Haversham in the County of Bucks Victualler do acknowledge by this my Act and deed that I give and bequeath from the day of the date hereof and forever hereafter all my worldly Substance goods and Chattels Provision Apparell moneys in hand Debts due and demands unto Philadelphia the wife to Jonathan Lett of Haversham in the County of Bucks and to mary Smith of Sawford in the County aforesaid and do hereby tolerate the said Philadelphia and Mary to make Seizure of the same as soon as the breath is out of my body and the said Philadelphia and Mary Shall jointly act and perform one with the other Such performances as I the said Alice Richards do hereafter Certifie and nominate in this my deed of gift and it is my mind totall they shall fulfil my desire hereafter specified and as appeareth here by this my verball deed of gift. Imprimis I give unto Philadelphia Lett aforesaid one new Table one pair of Hand Irons and one Barrell with broad hoops one sheet with a seam down the midle and the least Brewing kettle and the laun sieve and the jointed form and half the wood in the Barne be it small wood in clefts and the dish kittle and the Coverlid over the bed and the great pewter Bason and the warming pan Item I give unto the abovesaid Mary Smith all the Rest of my goods and Chattells that are not mentioned with this provise that the said Mary aforesaid allow the said Philadelphia Lett the one half of the beer and the one half of my debts and the said Philadelphia Lett and the said Mary Smith shall bury me in a decent manner and defray my funeral Charges jointly out of the worldly substance as I have hereby given them and they shall Joyntly buy out of the said substance and at equall Charges seven pair of Black gloves for them jointly to dispose of at my Funerall and do Lastly acknowledge these present to be my Reall act and deed Wittness my hand this fifteenth day of Aprill 1724 the mark of Alice Richards Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of witnesses Matthew Potter the mark of Joan Harris John Hill Memorandum there is seven pair of Black mens gloves to be given at my Funerall

Probate 30 September 1724