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John Russhe 1554
In dei nomine Amen The iiijth day of ffebruary anno Dm 1553 I John Russhe thelder of Haversham in the County of Bucks husbandman beinge of perfeck mynde and memorie and yet sore sike and diseased as concernynge my body I do ordeyn and make this my last will and testament as here after shall followe ffirste I bequeath my soule to allmyghtie god my maker and etc and my body to be buried in christen mens burial Item I bequeath to my parishe churche of haversham abovesayd iijs iiijd and to the belles there Item I bequeath to the hie alter there iiijd and to the poore mens boxe there iiijd Item I bequeath unto Johane My wife a blake heifer and to Beatrice Russhe my sonnes dowghter a heifer Item I bequeath to vij Children Thomas Welford and his late wife margery to every of them one groate and one shepe that is ijs viijd and vij Children Item I bequeath to John Parker my sonne in lawe ij bullocks and to every one of his children one shepe Item I beqth to every one of my sonne John Russhes one shepe Item I bequeath to Isabell parker my breth [birth?] dowghter a Reiall Item I beqth to Anthony Smyth a browne heifer and ij bullocks and also xls money Item I beqth to every one of my godchildren iiijd the Rest of my goods unbequeathed I gyve and bequth to Beatrice my wife and John Rushe my sonne the one of them to have halfe with theother throwghout who I make my executors to se this my laste will, well and truly performed, my dettis payd and to se my body when it shall please allmyghtie god to take my soule to his mercie, to be buried in the churche yarde of Haversham aforesaid Item I constitute and make the sayd John Parker my sonne in lawe my overseer for to se my last will performed In witness of the promissis I have caused thes to be written the day and yere before written thes being witness and present to the same Richard Talbott Clark John Parker and Ric fflether with dyvds other

Probate viij [8] October 1554