Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf: 1 6
Beatrix Salysburey 1528
Nomine Amen anno domini 1528 et 19th die mensis augusti I beatryx Solysburey of Haversham vida [widow] missing mynd and good of Remembrance partly seke in my body make thys my Testament in thys manner of Wyse fyrste I beqwethe missing to almyghyte? Jhi[] our ladey sent marey and to alle the holy company of heven and my body to be bureyd in the church missing lady in Haversham aforeseyd also I beqwethe for my mortuarij my best albycke cattell after the custame and the missing towne I also I gyffe a beqwethe to ye other churchs of Lincoln iiijd also I gyff a beqwethe to the heye Auter [high altar] missing for gottan iijs iiijd also I gyffe to every alter in the church besyde xijd Item to the belles xxd Item to ye torches xijd missing ]med myle bryge xijd Item I gyff and beqwethe to Anne my dorthr a fethrbed with that at belogythe to the same my sead missing the best brasse pott to Agnes my dorthir ij mattresys an bolstar a coverlet a payre of shetes a brasse pott and the thiryd panne Item to my dagthir missing fathrbed and my best brasse panne an brasse pott the Rest of my gods nott beqwetheyd my detts payed and missing ]llyd I gyff and beqwethe to Antonij my son and my dauthry Anne Whom I make my executors to dispose to the plesrs of god missing of my soulle thes bery a wittees Sir John Clement Sir William Grene John .glo. illeg

Probate 5th October 1528