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Robert Shefford 1552
In the name of god amen the xth day of may anno domini 1552 and anno Regs Edwardi 6th Dei gra' anglie ffrancie and Hibernie [Hibernia = Ireland] Regs fidei defensoris and etc septo [seven] I Robert Shefforth of Haversham in the County of Bucks Husbandman beinge of perfect mynde and memorie althowgh sike and deceased in my body do make and ordeyn this my testament and last will as here after followeth ffirst I bequeth my soule to allmightie god and and my body to be buryed when it shall please god to cale me owte of this wretched world to his mercie within Christian mens burial Item I bequeth unto Agnes my wife iij Kyine all the howshold stuffe within the howse and halfe the crope both of corne and hay nowe and her after paying the halfe Rent and bering the halfe charges both without and within so longe as she is a widow and so long to occupie the one halfe of my farme as my ij sonnes Anthony and John the other halfe as she kepe her selfe wedowe Item I bequeth to every of my Children that is to Anthony John and Thomas my sonnes and to Joice my dowghter to each of them a cowe and further to Thomas my sonne a mare colte a calfe and xls and to Joice my dowghter likwise a mare calte a calfe and xls Item I bequeth to Thomas my sonne ij of my best Ewes and ij lambes and to Joice my dowghter in like maner ij of my next best Ewes and ij lambes Item I beqeth to Anthony my sonne my mare and shod carte and to John my sonne the other shode carte Item to anthony and John yointly to gether my teme plowe and harwes with the rapptennes of nassum for the manewringe and occupinge Husbandry they to have and enyoie my ferme for my term to gether and to occupie the same joyntlie with their mother so longe as she Kepeth her a Wedowe they paying the halfe Rente and bering other charges bothe within and withoute halfe with her and also halfe of all the closse with her Item I beqeth to the poore mens box xxd and toward the reparacions of litill lingfad bridge and meade myll bridge xxd Item I beqeth to every one of my god children viijd the Rest of my goods unbequethed I gyve and bequeth to my sones Anthony and John who I make my executors to performe and fulfil this my last will and etc Item I will and desire Thomas Bentley and John Ruffe the younger be overseers of this my last will se it duly and truly performed and that my Children be well ordered and Ruled so that they agree to gether one with the other and with their mother so long as she contyneweth a wedowe and Intendeth to tary with them Item I gyve to the sayd John Ruffe vjs viijd and to Thomas Bentley xxd towards their paynes The promises were written and Red and the day and yere before mensioned in the presence of Richard Talbott Curat Richard pirrie Richard ffletcher with other of my neyborthers in myne own howse ther present and Witnesses to the same

Inventory xvijl vs

Probate xxij day June 1552