Anthonye Smythe 1599
Note The right hand side of the page of this will is missing

In the name of god Amen I [Anthonye Smythe] of Haversham in the County of Bucks etc missing in bodye but of good and perfect rememb[rance make] my last Will and testament in ma[nner and form] following, ffirst I geve and bequea[th my soul] to Almightie god my saviour and red[eamer my] bodye christian bueral with assured ho[pe of] eternall glorye at the resurrection of missing Item I geve to William Smyth my s[on] missing and likewise to Anthony Smyth my missing to be payd unto them at the feast of missing of the virgin marye which shalbe in the missing lord god 1602 Item I geve to eat[ch] missing a payre of sheets and to eatch of missing platters, Item I geve to my sonne missing a kettle and A Joyned stoole, Item missing Anthony my sonne a pott and A Joyned st[ool] I geve to Alice Gyllowe a kettle and ij pmissing Item I make and ordayne my daughter Jane Smyth my sole Executrix to see missing my last will and testament executed missing fulfilled, my debts are vs to Alice G[yllowe] witnesses at the making hereof T[homas] Sturges, William Dormer and John missing

Probate xiij April 1599