Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf: 5 206

William Spencer 1560
In dei nomini amen the xxviij daye of decembre anno domini 1559 I William spencer of Haversham in the countye of buck husbandman make my last Wyll and testament as fowlawhit ffyrst I bequeth my Soull to allmyghtye god and my bodye to Christen buryall Item I bequeth to the mother churche of lincollne ijd and to the poore mens boxe of haversham vjd Item I bequeth to Rychard my sonne viijl xs in money a cowe a yereling cowe a panne a cofer a cubbord and ij payre of sheets: also I Will that my sayd sonne Rychard and all his Whole stocke and goodes shalbe at the Rule and governans of John Rawlenson Clerke till the sayd Rychard come to xx years of age; I geve to Joys my daughter iijl in money a gowne a kyrtell a cowe x shepe ij payre of sheets a capen iij rings a crucifyxe and she to be governed with her stocke by the dyscretion William Sturges tyll she come to the age of xx yeres also I geve to elzabetth my daughter xls? in money a kyrtell ij platters a cowe x shepe ij payre of sheets a cofer a stere of ij yeres old and she and her stocke to be governed by the dyscretion of laurannce Wilson my cosin tyll she come to xx yeres of age all wyche summes of money and goodes and children shalbe delivered to ther governers within xx days after my dessesse I geve to yszabell brokes a Redde calve the Rest of my goodes I geve to margere my Wiffe Whom I make my lawfull executrix to performe this my last will and haraye nycolles shalbe the overseers of the same these being Witnes John Rawlinson Cle[rk] John Waren with others

Probate 12th January 1559/60