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Richard Talbot 1559 prieste
In the name of god amen the yere of our lord god 1558 the Last day of august I Richard Talbot of the parishe of Haversham within the countie of bucks being in perfect mynd and good remembrance thanks be unto almightie god do ordeyne Specifie and make this my laste will and testament ffirste I bequeth my sowle unto allmyghtie god trusting to be everlastingly saved by the only sacrifice of Jesus Christ the only son of everlasting god and I will my body to be buryd within the church of Haversham aforesaid Item I bequeth to the mother church of Lincoln iiijd Item to William pretey a white stere bullok Item to the churche for my buriall vjs viijd Item I beqth to my brother Jo Watkyn my rone coloryd nag Item to St. andro [St Andrew] a qter of barley Item my laste will is that alsuche goods which I recevyd by the handes and aurthorite of Jo Watkyns of the parishe of Thorpe Malwelswortes [Molesworth] in the countie of northampton which be the goodes of the children of my brother J Talbot late departed shalbe taken owt of all my goods and catulles at the discretion of the sayd Jo Watkyn and se payd unto the sayd children according to the laste will and testament of ther father Jo Talbot my brother the Residue of my goodes my dettes being payd and this my laste will performed I geve and beqth to Eme walker and Joane Talbot and Elisabeth Talbot equally to be devyded amongst them thre at the discrecion of my executors but my wil is that if it shal formme Elisabeth Talbot to Dye before she come unto the yeres of xv age that her portion remayne to Em walker before namyd if she be lyving and if she be then ded I wil her portion to remayne to Joane Talbot if she be then lyving if not then I will the sayd Elisabeth Talbot to do with her portion what she will Item I do ordeyne constitute and make John watkyn and Mistress Joys Ilshawe my executors of this my Laste will and testament and they to have for ther paynes taking xxs Witnes Raf Sutton vicar of hanslop subscriptie Richard Talbot

Probate xij January 1558/9