St James The Great

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Use the links above and below to explore the church.  We hope you enjoy exploring this new way of viewing information about the church.


The church is exceptionally large for a village of the size of Hanslope, reflecting the wealth of the Earls of Warwick who were the dominant power in its development.

The earliest standing parts of the structure, in the chancel, date from the 12th century.  The north and south aisles were added in the 13th century, and the nave rebuilt and the tower added in the 15th century.  Nearly all of the construction of the church took place during the Warwick (1st creation) tenure as lords of the manor.

Click the plan to the right for more on the history of the church.

Thanks are due to Paul Woodfield who undertook an architectural survey of the church which can be accessed below.

Interior - interactive panorama

Click to open an interactive panorama of the church interior.  This opens in a separate window.  When finished viewing the panorama, close its window to return to this page.

In the upper right corner of the panorama page, click to on the red circles to choose the nave or the chancel view. Both views have a panel at the bottom to provide pan up, down, right and left and zoom.

The hotspots

On the views each "i" circled marks a 'hotspot'.  Click on a hotspot for more information on points of interest in the church.  Use the X at the bottom right of the hotspot window to close the window and return to the panorama.  The hotspots can be hidden by clicking the 'hotspots on/off' button in the panel at the bottom of the page.  Some hotspots provide a link to additional information.  These open new pages.  Close these pages when done to return to the panorama.

The photographs for these panoramas show the church as it was at Easter 2012. 

Acknowledgements: The images for the panoramas and the software used to present them were provided by The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, University of York.  Particular thanks are due to Patrick Gibbs who took the photographs and integrated them with the software, and to Louise Hampson who organised their assistance and provided valuable advise on church architectural history.


Click for more on the exterior of the church.


2012 Brochure

Click the image on the right to view a pdf file of the
new printed brochure on the church.  Copies are
available in the church and from the Hanslope and
District Historical Society. 



Click to view pdf
of New Brochure

Other resources

Click the thumbnails below for architectural survey, related articles and earlier booklets.

Architectural Survey

Article from Records of
Buckinghamshire, 1907

1990 brochure by
Christopher Beake

1966 booklet by
R W Garret

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