17. High Street
Stony Stratford High Street looking North
This view northwards along the High Street from the "top of the town" end gives a very clear indication of how long and straight the High Street is. On the left the major sign is for Cofferidge Close : a modern-design shopping precinct which stands on the site of several much older properties, including The Angel Hotel. (For more details on the shops of Stony Statford, click here)
The Angel Inn - 1920sThe Angel was demolished in October1972. The picture here was taken in the 1920s and shows the then landlord Mr David Brown. At the time of its demolition, the last licensee Mrs Bertha Brown - widow of the man shown here - was still living in Stony Stratford.

The Angel had been in the Brown family since 1910 when David's parents had moved from Northampton to take it over. When they died during World War II, Bertha was left to run the pub alone with her sister-in-law while her husband was away on active service.

Angel Inn Frontage
The Angel - at Milton Keynes Museum
The Angel may be gone but it is not forgotten. Its frontage was saved and taken to Milton Keynes Museum where it was restored. "The Angel" now heads the Museum's "Street of Shops", and remains open to the public - but not for the sale of alcohol!
Angel Inn Sign Phipps Brewery sign
The original sign has been reproduced and an authentic Phipps Brewery enamel wall advert has been added

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