9. The Barley Mow
The former Barley Mow inn
At the entrance to the town on the south bank of the Ouse stands a private house which until comparatively recently was one of Stony Stratford's many inns, and is now a private residence. The location of the former corner entrance is easily distinguishable, and still projecting from the wall is the arm from which the inn sign used to hang.

The Barley Mow is thought to be the site of the Grilkes Inn, the first inn in Stony Stratford to be mentioned, in a document from 1317. The Barley Mow was also formerly known as The Angel, one of two pubs of that name in the town. The other was where Cofferidge Close is now located (near Point 17 of the Tour - see also Shops). It was said that the town of Stony Stratford was blessed with an Angel at either end.

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