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The line from Wolverton to Newport Pagnell came into operation in 1866 running a goods train. Passenger travel commenced a year later in 1867 for the workers to commute to Wolverton where they worked either in the railway works or McCorquedales. Shoppers travelled to Newport for the nearest Woolworths!
The line sadly closed down in 1964.
With the closing of the line it became an ideal opportunity when the tracks were removed to tarmac a walkway from New Bradwell to Wolverton as part of the redway cycle system. Railway Walk came into being and is a pleasant walk on a Sunday afternoon.
It is also well used by cyclists.

Nobby Newport pulling into New Bradwell station

New Bradwell Station circa 1900's as Nobby Newport pulls into the platform

View of Railway Walk towards Wolverton

View of Railway Walk looking through the bridge towards Wolverton.The platform is all that remains of
New Bradwell Station 2006

Looking through the bridge towards Newport Pagnell

Railway walk from the bridge

Looking down on Railway Walk from the Bridge 2006

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