The tower of SS Peter and Paul's Church is supplied with a harmonious peal of eight bells which are manipulated by a very efficient corps of nine ringers whose names are: Ed Boswell, Frank Boswell, B Fisher, W Jones, Rowland Perkins, W Robinson, H Rose, Sidney Smith (their foreman), and Thomas Wright.

The records in connection with the bells and belfry are very scanty owing to the old documents of the church having been lost and the later day ones being burned by orders of thoughtless churchwardens. The few following entries are the only ones that can be traced.

In 1611 four shillings were paid to the ringers when the Queen (Anne, wife of James I) came through the town.

December27, 1851. Very little ringing of the bells this Xmas on account of the illness of Mrs C Talbot.

September 15, 1852. Our gt Bell rung out, Hour & half in honour of the Hero - His Grace the Duke of Wellington.

December 1, 1853. Tolling of the Bells (muffled) throughout the day for the funeral of the Rt Hon Earl of Dartmouth, the Lord of the Manor.

In the Belfry there are the following records:

SS Peter & Paul. December 16, 1895. A peal of 720 Bob Minor was rung by T Wright, treble; R Perkins, 2; W Wright, 3; S Smith, 4; W Jones, 5; R Raban, Tenor. The first peal rung by a local band.

Olney, Bucks. The Oxford Diocesan Guild. North Bucks Branch. On Saturday, October 29, 1904, in three hours and sixteen minutes, at the church of SS Peter and Paul, a peal of Bob Major, 5,056 changes, Tenor, 25 cwt, was rung by William Jones, treble; Frank Boswell, 2; Fred Mynard, 3; John Lovel, 4; William Robinson, 5; Sidney Smith, 6; William Freeman, 7; Rowland Perkins, tenor. Composed by G Hughes and conducted by W Freeman. First peal of Major by the Branch. Rev S Smith, vicar. A Allen, J C Hipwell, churchwardens.

Olney Bucks. The Oxford Diocesan Guild. North Bucks Branch. On Saturday, October 13th, 1906, in Three Hours and Twenty Minutes, at the Church of SS Peter and Paul, a peal of Treble Bob Major, 5,088 Changes, in the Oxford Variation. Tenor 25 cwt, in D. Bernard Fisher, treble; Frank Boswell, 2. Jacob Lovell, 3; William J Robinson, 4. Frederick W Booth, 5; Sydney W H Smith, 6; Frederick J Mynard, 7; William Freeman, Tenor. Composed by A Knight. Conducted by W Freeman. First Peal in the Method on the Bells, 1st Peal in the Method by the Band, 1st Peal on eight by F Booth, 1st Peal of Treble Bob Major by the Branch, and rang at the first attempt.

The inscriptions on the bells, their weight and diameter in :

Weight of Bell Diam of Bell
Cwts Inches
First: Boswell & Son, Founders, Ipswich.
Bequeathed to the Parish Church of Olney by Thomas Eyles 1903
Second: Same as above
7 ¾
Third: God Save the King. Henry Bagley made mee. There are impressions of nine five-shilling pieces of Charles II upon this bell
Fourth: God Save the Queen, 1535
Fifth: Thomas Martin, Richard Pheasant, Chvrchwardens, Henry Bagley made mee, 1699. Thomas Martin
Sixth: Robert Atton of Buckingham made mee, 1631. Robert Atton
Seventh: Iohn Markes and Thomas Osborne, Chvchwardens. Thomas Russell of Wooton made mee, 1733. On this bell are ten impressions of shillings of George I. John Markes
Eighth: Matthew Pye Arthvr Bvck, Chvrchwardens 1682.
Insigni Thome Iohnson Arm. There are impressions of crown pieces of Charles II on this bell. Matthew Pye

On the great bell before it was recast was “Ora pro nobis virgo Maria.”

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