Old Stratford Electoral Rolls in Cosgrove & Passenham Parishes

The Electoral system in England was administered by Parish units, developed through the years and transferring power from the Church to elected secular officers and Members of Parliament. Old Stratford was included in the parish of Cosgrove from Watling Street, eastwards, to Cosgrove village. People living on the west side of Watling Street were included in the parish of Passenham. In 1886 all male householders were included, but also included some women if they were in business.

The first Electoral Roll is dated 1833, but only occupiers
of property of over £50 were included on the voting list.
It was not until 1919 that women appeared
on the electoral rolls in their own right.

Old Stratford Electoral Rolls included in Cosgrove Parish records

Old Stratford Electoral Rolls extracted from Passenham Parish records

No Electoral Rolls 1916 - 1918 (War Years)

No Electoral Rolls 1940 - 1945 (War Years)