Old Stratford Events

The Northampton Mercury July 7th 1893

ROYAL WEDDING FESTIVITIES. At Old Stratford a triumphal arch was erected from the Falcon Inn to Mr. Page's house, and a tea was given to the children in honour of the auspicious event, and a pleasant time was spent by the youngsters and others

The Northampton Mercury June 30th 1893

BAZAAR. On Wednesday a bazaar was held in the grounds of Furthoe House, the residence of the Rev. Dr. Payne, the profits of which were to be devoted to the Stony Stratford Cottage Hospital and the Nursing Society and the Northampton Infirmary. Though several light showers fell during Wednesday, and the wind was rather high, the weather was pleasantly cool, and did not interfere  materially with the success of the undertaking. The bazaar was opened shortly after half-past two, and though the company was not very large in the afternoon, more assembled in the evening. The various stalls were pleasantly dotted about the grounds, and with the numerous flags, flowers and articles presented quite a charming appearance. The stall-holders were as follows:- Indian and fancy goods, Mrs. Payne, Miss Waddell, Miss E. Pigou, and Miss Nalder; china and art, Miss Sankey and Miss Lang; flower stall, Mrs. Wallace, Miss Gould, and Misses Capell, Miss Willes, and Miss Pigou; mixed stall, Mrs. Wilmer, Mrs. R. Fountaine, and Miss Wilson; American rag fair and plain work, Mrs. Bird, the Misses Bird, Miss Weston, and Miss K. Lancaster; children’s stall, Miss Bull, Miss Ilene Waddell, Miss K. Willes, superintended by Miss K. Waddell. In addition, Miss M. York and Miss Bennett superintended the weighing-machine, while close to was a lemonade stall under the superintendence of Miss York and Miss Roper. Miss Timbrell (of the London Chirological Society) was engaged for the occasion, and those present were therefore enabled to have their fortunes told by palmistry. The Stony Stratford Band was in attendance, and contributed several lively selections during the afternoon, and also played for dancing from eight to ten o’clock. Amongst those present during the afternoon were Lady Whichcote, Miss Whichcote, Mrs. Harrison (Paulerspury), Mrs. Uthwatt (Great Linford), Rev. Dr. Payne, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Worley, Mrs. E. T. Worley, Mrs. Capell (Passenham), Mrs. Waddell and party (Shenley), Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Rooke, Rev. W. M. Miller, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Gould (Beachampton), Mrs. Willes (Calverton), Mrs. Fitzsimons (Wolverton), &c. &c.

The Northampton Mercury July 14th 1893

DANCE. A dance was held on Friday evening on the lawn at Furthoe House, when a good number of people were present, and an enjoyable time was spent to the strains of music supplied by the Stony Stratford Band, the members of which kindly gave their services. An opportunity was given to those present to purchase articles left over from the recent bazaar.

The Northampton Mercury December 21st 1893
RABBIT COURSING. - A match for £10 was brought off at Old Stratford on Saturday afternoon between Mr. Bailey's (Deanshanger) Toby and Mr. Pollard's (Stony Stratford) Bosco, the conditions being the best of 21 courses, Bosco receiving three rabbits start. Toby won by eleven courses to six (including the three start). Mr. E. Arthur was the judge of coursing.

The Northampton Mercury May 14th 1897           

OLD STRATFORD. - THE DIAMOND JUBILEE. On Thursday week a meeting of residents of Old Stratford was held at Furtho House, to consider what steps should be taken to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in this hamlet. The Rev. Dr. Payne presided. It was decided not to join with Stony Stratford, but to have a celebration on their own account. It was unanimously agreed that a meat tea should be provided for all the inhabitants, and that spots be held. A collection was made in the room towards the funds required, and this realised between £8 and £9.

The Northampton Mercury June 25th 1897

JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS: The committee, of whom Mr. Hamilton was the secretary, are to be congratulated on the hearty way in which they worked for the success of the festival of this place. The decorations, too, were exceptionally effective, many of the tradesmen throwing not a little enthusiasm into the affair. The Rev. Dr. Payne invited all the residents to a stroll round his gardens, and the offer of a buttonhole to all who cared for the privilege. A tea was provided for the children in the Tram Dept. and for all the other inhabitants in Trinity House School-room, kindly placed at disposal by Mr. Crossham. Sports were held in a field kindly lent by Mr. Webb, there being 24 entries altogether, including races for men, women, and children. Dancing was heartily indulged in, the music being provided by Mr. F. Barley, of Stony Stratford. In the evening there was a display of fireworks, and dancing round a bonfire in Mr. Panter's field.

The Northampton Mercury May 25th 1900

In common with other places, Stony Stratford people rejoiced on Saturday over the relief of Mafeking. At Old Stratford the Rev. Dr. Payne gave the inhabitants a tea, about 150 sitting down, and subsequently dancing was indulged in.

The Northampton Mercury June 27th 1902

The Coronation festivities. At Old Stratford the inhabitants, numbering about 150, sat down to a capital tea at 6.30 in the schoolroom at Trinity House, the caterer being Mr. W. King.

The Northampton Mercury June 2nd 1905

BAND CONCERT. On Sunday evening the Potterspury Excelsior Prize Band, conducted by Mr. G. Glenn, gave a concert at Old Stratford. Collection was taken in aid of the Band Funds.

The Northampton Mercury October 10th 1913

Part of a letter written to Uncle Dick on the children’s page of the Northampton Mercury.


The Army Manœuvres have caused great excitement, and the people from all parts visited the camps. There was a big camp at Wolverton, where the Royal Field Artillery, the King’s Own Regiment, Lancashire Regiment, South Wales Borderers, Royal Berkshire Regiment, camped in two big fields.
There was also a big camp between Old Wolverton and Stony Stratford, in seven fields, where some more Royal Artillery, Royal Warwickshire regiment, Seaforth Highlanders, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, East Lancashire Regiment, Durham Light Infantry, Gordon Highlanders, and the Rifle Brigade all camped.
It was very exciting to see all the soldiers march from the station to the camps with different bands playing. Crowds of people visited the camps on Sunday to the church parade, and to hear the bands play. It was also very amusing to see the soldiers cooking.
I did not see any of the Manœuvres, as I was at work, but on Tuesday, September 23, the Printing Works were closed in the afternoon, and I went along the Towcester road and saw the soldiers camping in the fields by the road for the night. Crowds of people were along the road, and great excitement was caused by the aeroplanes and airships flying about. When about ten minutes to five cries were heard, “The King and Queen are coming.” All the people flocked to the cross-roads at old Stratford, and at five minutes to five the Royal motor came by, followed by four more motors. People waved their hats and gave the King and Queen a hearty welcome in cheers. The motors were driven very slowly towards Towcester past the eager people. Altogether it had been very exciting, and lots of people are sorry the soldiers are going away. They say it is the best camp they have had, and the visit of the soldiers was greatly appreciated by the people.
MAY BEAL (15) Wharf House, Old Wolverton.

The Northampton Mercury June 9th 1916


The first outing this year for the wounded soldiers from the Northampton General Hospital took place on June 1st. Excellent arrangements were made by the Soldiers’ Summer Outings Committee, who had excepted the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Dickens, of the Home Farm, Old Stratford. Leaving the Hospital at two o'clock, between 60 and 70 soldiers (including a few of the men who arrived with the convoy on Wednesday) had a delightful journey in cars kindly lent by: Mr. Rymill, Mr. C. J. Harris. Mr. W. Arnold, sen. Miss Fisher, Mrs Freer. Mr. C. W. Phipps, Mr. J. Barford, and two motor charabancs, one by Mrs. S. Yards and the other by the Outings Committee.
Tea awaited the men in the Old Trinity Schoolroom (leant by Mr. Webb), where Mr. and Mrs. Dickens and a number of willing helpers entertained about 100 guests. The Rev. Symonds was also s comrades, a hearty vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs. Dickens and the helpers for their hospitality, and it was accorded with three ringing cheers. Cigarettes and smokes were handed round after tea.
The soldiers and friends afterwards spent a happy time in the grounds and exploring the town. Refreshments were provided during the evening. Cheers were again given for the host and hostess on departure. The Matron (Miss Atkinson), Sister Valentine and several nurses accompanied the men.

The Northampton Mercury February 2nd 1917

Large numbers of skaters from Wolverton and Stony Stratford have been using a nice stretch of ice on the Buckingham canal between Old Stratford and Cosgrove.

The Northampton Mercury June 13th 1919

FETE.—An old English fete, held in a field lent by Mr. W. W. Dickens, attracted a crowd of about 1,500 to Old Stratford on Whit-Monday. The proceeds were in aid of a Soldiers' Memorial Hall, towards the erection of which a thousand bricks have already been accumulated on the site at the cross-roads given by Mr. Dickens, Major H. Grant-Thorold, of Cosgrove, who was introduced by Mr. D. Jones, chairman of committee, opened the proceedings. The sports, managed by Messrs. T. Kightley, W. Clark, and S. Lee, resulted as follows :-120 yards open: 1 R. Kightley, 2 Sibthorpe, 3 King Henson. Boys' 220: 1 Henson, 2 Payne, 3 Thornton. Youths under 20: 1 Kightley, 2 Pittam, 3 Ratcliffe, Ladies: 1 D. Radcliffe 2 A. Curtis. 3 A. Andrews. Half-mile: 1 Tolley, 2 Kightley, 3 Sibthorpe. Girls under 10: 1 D. Shouler, 2 D. Jelley, 3 Trillyer. Sack race: 1 E. Humphries. 2 A. Ratcliffe, 3 G. Abbott. Boys (10-15): 1 Payne, 2 J. Hurry, 3 Thornton. Men over 40: 1 G. Horne, 2 Willison. 3 Ratcliffe. Women : 1 Mrs. Clarke. 2 Mrs. Ratcliffe, 3 Mrs. Williams. Obstacle : 1 T. Pittam, 2 Sibthorpe, 3 A. Pittam. A sale of work -with other attractions and amusements, was managed by Mrs. Dickens, Mrs. Buttrum, Mrs. Cowley, Mrs. and Miss Webster, Miss Slaymaker, Messrs. Mackness, F. Webster. A. Chapman, Humphries; with Mr. C. Lee as hon. secretary and Mr. A. F. Wylie hon. treasurer. The Potterspury Band played for dancing,.

The Northampton Mercury June 20th 1919


The annual Whitsuntide “Old English Fete” was held at Old Stratford on Whit-Monday, and proved a huge success. The organisation was capital and was a great testimony t the success which attends the efforts of a village whose inhabitants pull together. Major Grant-Thorold opened the fete, and Mrs. Adams, sen., distributed the sports prizes. On the site of the Memorial Hall, for which the funds are being raised, there are already 10,000 bricks, and more are on their way. The committee are hopeful of soon placing on that site a memorial worthy in its stability and utility of the sons of the village who did their bit in the great war. The amount realised was £96 15s. 5d.

The Northampton Mercury May 28th 1920


An old English fete was held at Old Stratford on Whit-Monday, in a field which was lent by Mr. W. W. Dickens. There were several stalls containing pictures, fancy goods, sweetmeats, etc., and these were nicely decorated and attended to by Mrs. W. W. Dickens (refreshments), Mrs. Adams (sale of work), and others. Sports were also held. The results were: 120 yards (open), 1 G. Odell, 2 V. Pittam. A. Webster and J. Andrews tied for the third prize. Half-mile open handicap. 1 R. Humphreys (5yds.)2 R. Kightley (scratch), 3 J. Andrews (5yds.) Tug-of-War: W. Slaymaker’s team. 220 yards handicap. 1 R. Kightley (6yds.), 2 G. Odell (scratch), 3 J. Andrews (6yds.). Men’s pillow fight. G. Frost. An excellent concert was given in the Memorial Hall, and was arranged by Mr. K. Woollard. £5 was realised by the concert, which will be augmented by the proceeds from the fete, and will be used to add greater comfort to the hall.

The Northampton Mercury October 22nd 1920

The secretary of the Northamptonshire Hospital Week Committee has received from Mrs. W. W, Dickens, the hon. Treasurer of the Old Stratford Fete Committee, a cheque for £25=75 4s. 1d., the proceeds of the fete recently held in Old Stratford. For so small a place, there being only 60 houses and 300 residents, this total constitutes a record. The fete was arranged and carried out in just over a fortnight. The enthusiasm and generosity of the residents of Old Stratford is a fine example to other localities.