Old Stratford - Cub Scouts

The Wolverton Express June 19th 1969

Old Stratford is to have its first cub scout group in the village. Yesterday (Thursday) about 16 boys met in the primary school which is to be their headquarters.
Boys in Old Stratford and surrounding villages which have not got their own cub scout group will be eligible to join the movement if they are between eight and 11.
Newly-elected leader, Mr. M. E. J. Ryan, said there will not be a senior troop started yet but if all goes well there may be one in a few years' time.
"I am hoping and praying it will be a complete success and I think it will be."
Mr. Ryan said he had always been interested in youth and in Old Stratford there was nothing for the youngsters to do but walk about the streets. He hoped the new cub scout troop would give those who joined some discipline and ambition in life.
Chairman of the group Is Mr. J. Garner, headmaster of Old Stratford Primary School; assistant cub scout leader and also secretary is Mr. B. Holland, Mr. K. Sibthorpe is the treasurer. The committee members are Mr. Rogers, Mr. Coomber, Mrs. Booden and Mrs. Smith.

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The Wolverton Express May 18th 1973

Scouting for bargains

The things cub scouts leaders have to go through!
Akela, of the 1st Old Stratford pack, Mrs. M. Symonds, was publicly weighed on the stage during the mini-market on Saturday. Winner of the “Guess the weight of Akela” competition was Ashley Tombs.
The market was to raise money for the “U” Fund, which, said Mrs. Symonds, had been set up by headquarters to raise money to aid scouting in underdeveloped countries.
Old Stratford Cubs had chosen to assist a pack in a depressed area of Southern Italy and had set themselves a target of £20.
In fact they raised enough to send about £24 to the “U” Fund, before it closed on June 1.

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The Wolverton Express June 19th 1975

Interest mounts as pack grows

INTEREST in scouting is undergoing a revival at Old Stratford, where membership of the 1st OS cub pack has had its ups and downs over the last six years of its existence.
At one stage there was a long waiting list. Then numbers dropped to only about a dozen. Now the pack numbers 24.
And currently the smartest Six are the Blues, who have a trophy – donated by Mr. J. Garner, retiring chairman of the cub pack committee and a former headmaster of Old Stratford primary school.
The shield with which the boys are pictured is from the Towcester district football league, in which the Old Stratford pack have been runners-up for two seasons.

The six winner Blues – David Ratcliffe, with the trophies; and behind, from left,
Stephen Cantell, Matthew Oakley, Christopher Scoot, John Edwards and Gary Nichols