Old Stratford - 18 and 19 London Road

Old Nos. 7 & 8 Stratford Road - New Nos. 17 &19 London Road

Old No. 7 Stratford Road - New No. 17 London Road
1861 Census Thomas Adams 30 Baker Ecton Northamptonshire
1871 Census Thomas Adams 41 Baker Ecton Northamptonshire
1874 Whellan & Co. Thomas Adams Baker & shopkeeper
1877 Electoral Rolls Thomas Adams house and land
1880 Electoral Rolls Thomas Adams freehold house, bakehouse and premises
1881 Census Thomas Adams 51 Baker Ecton Northamptonshire
1886 Electoral Rolls Thomas Adams freehold house, Bakehouse, and freehold cottages
1891 Census Thomas Adams 60 Master Baker Ecton Northamptonshire
1901 Census Thomas Adams 71 Baker - died September 1908 Ecton Northamptonshire
1901 Census John T. Adams 13 Baker's apprentice Bread Mkr Old Stratford Northamptonshire
1911 Census John Thomas 26? Baker Old Stratford Northamptonshire

Old No. 8 Stratford Road - New No. 19 London Road
1861 Census Sophia Wilford 49 Butcher Kettering Northamptonshire
1871 Census John Coles 27 Coach Bulider employer Wing Buckinghamshire
1873- 1880 Electoral Rolls John Coles House
1881 Census William Judge 37 Joiner Marston Buckinghamshire
1886-1895 Electoral Rolls William Judge House & shop
1891 Census William Judge 47 Coach builder North Marston Buckinghamshire
1895 Electoral Rolls William Judge
1901 Census empty

Build where the faggot oven was used.

There were two main bakeries in Old Stratford. The oldest bakery probably being at No 17 originally. Sometime after Willam Judge left in 1896, the bakery was extended to include No.19 Stratford Road . The actual baking operations being carried out at No 17 and storage and any handling of corn etc. at No 19.

Even today [1977] there are still existing trap doors to be seen between the two floors in both houses; and also in an outbuilding belonging to No 17 there can be seen an old “faggot oven”.

Before mains water was laid on for everyone, only six houses used to have piped water, which came from an artesian well in Wharf Lane, at the back of Thomas Adams bakehouse.

The Northampton Mercury Jan 9th 1869

STONY STRATFORD PETTY SESSIONS: January 1st. Old Stratford Frederick Blow (12) and Albert Blow (10), brothers, whose parents reside at Wolverton, were charged with stealing a quarten loaf of the value of 6d., the property of Mr. Thomas Adams, baker of Old Stratford. Mary Carpenter deposed to seeing the young boy get up on to the cart, take the loaf, and run away with it. The elder boy was standing near the Post office at the time the little one took it. They afterwards ran away together. Inspector Webb deposed to apprehending the boys, and charged them with stealing a loaf from Mr. Adams's cart. They first denied it, but when at the Police Station the big one said the little one stole it. The little one pleaded guilty. Frederick pleaded not guilty. Frederick was acquitted, and Albert was removed to the cell to receive twelve stripes with a birch rod.

The Northampton Mercury January 27th 1899

STONY STRATFORD DIVISIONAL PETTY SESSIONS: Thomas Adams, Old Stratford, baker, was summoned for selling bread at Stony Stratford, on January 16th, otherwise then by weight, the said loaf not being such bread as is usually sold under the denomination of French or fancy bread. Adams' loaf was 1½ ounces short of 2lbs. Fine and costs 10s.