Old Stratford - Chapman's Yard

Albert Edward Chapman outside the business he started in Cosgrove Road, Old Stratford. He was later joined by his sons Arthur Edward and Sidney Harold Chapman and the business became A. E. Chapman & Sons. They took over the business on the retirement of their father on 4th April 1946 under the title A.E. & S. H. Chapman. They were wheelwrights and agricultural engineers, making wheel for carts and repairing cattle wagons.
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The Chapman family had built and moved into the wooden bungalows along the Cosgrove Road.
Albert Edward into Holmwood, Arthur Edward into Woodcroft, in1934 according to the Electoral Rolls. Sidney Harold moving into Sunnywood in 1937.

Mr. Chapman owned the boat houses on the island indicated below.
Is this the place known as Grigs Harbour?

For the conveyance to Hailey of Kingstone House Old Stratford, 3 other houses adjoining built by the late Joshua Thorne, a close adjoining divided into two of one acre and 2a. 1r. 17p. and an island in the River Ouse called Grigs Harbour. Formerly in the occupation of Francis Kightley. Conveyed to Thorne by lease and release of 10/11 April 1807 between 1. Joseph Chadwick 2. John Freer Congreve 3. Joshua Thorne 4. John Day and 5. Arthur Capes. Now in the occupation of Messrs Horwood, Cable, Wilson and Perdue as tenants See Kingstone House