Old Stratford - "Harcroft"

" Harcroft"
Old No. 5 Stratford Road

1891 Census Elizabeth Barlow Living on own means Douglas Isle of Man
1901 Census Jane Jones Housekeeper domestic Droitwich Worestershire
1911 Census Michael Holton Brewer's Drayman Buckingham Buckinghamshire
1919-1931 Electoral Rolls Clarissa Celia Clarke "Harcroft"
1933 Electoral Rolls Harry Hampson "Harcroft"
1934-1936 Electoral Rolls Frederick James Pennock "Harcroft"
1937-1938 Electoral Rolls Jack Bateman "Harcroft"

The Northampton Mercury June 28th 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones, of Harcroft, Old Stratford, have been notified that their son, Arthur Douglas Jones, a Bucks soldier, is missing.