Old Stratford - Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage is the first house on the left looking from the north
Ivy Cottage looking from the south

The Northampton Mercury 1873 Rev J. Knight
Census 1901 Elizabeth Rolls 66 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
The Northampton Mercury 1920 Mr. Goff

The Northampton Mercury March 1st 1873

Have been favoured with instructions from Rev. J.

On TUESDAY, MARCH 11TH, 1873, in the Large Room at the COCK HOTEL, STONY STRATFORD, whither the goods have been removed for convenience of sale.

THE whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE from Ivy Cottage, Old Stratford, and also the surplus FURNITURE from Skendleby Rectory, Lincolnshire, comprising Dining Room, Drawing Room, and Bedroom Furniture, large quantity of Domestic Utensils, number of valuable Horsehair Mattresses, very large half-tester iron Bedstead with sprig and horsehair Mattresses to fit, mahogany Arabian Ditto, Bedding, Blankets, &c., also a number of Engravings, Catalogues are being printed, and may be had of the Auctioneers, Stony Stratford, Bucks, and 123 Chancery Lane, London, W.C.

The Northampton Mercury August 28th 1891

TO LET, with immediate possession. IVY COTTAGE, containing six rooms, kitchen and scullery, stable, coach-house, and enclosed garden, healthily situated at OLD STRATFORD, Northamptonshire. Apply to H. S. PERRIN, Stony Stratford, Bucks.

The Northampton Mercury November 5th 1915

PANTER, TROOPER REG., Royal Bucks Hussars.
Trooper Panter, whose parents live at Ivy House, Old Stratford, is reported to have been missing since August 21, when he was wounded. His parents would be glad to receive further news, concerning him.

The Northampton Mercury August 20th 1920


The Ministry of Health stated in a letter that they had considered Mr. Goff’s appeal against the demolition of “Ivy House” and cottage and had decided to demolish “Ivy House,” Old Stratford, but not the cottage, as it was not a dwelling-house. They also stated that Mr. Goff should pay half the expense of the inquiry and the Council the remainder.

The Northampton Mercury February 4th 1921


The Clerk read a letter from the Northants County Council in which they stated that the purchase by them of Ivy House, Old Stratford, had been completed and they anticipated that the proposals submitted for the road improvement at the cross-road would be carried out. The Chairman remarked that the house had now been pulled down and he believed the railings now marked the boundary of the position which will be used in widening the road.

Ivy Cottage corner on the left