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Kingston House
Old No. 2 Stratford Road - New No. 7 London Road
Scotts Guest House - Cafe
The Wolverton Express January 4th 1974 [newspaper image]

1744 NRO see below dwelling house of Peake lately stood before it was burnt down
1753 NRO see below in the tenure of Thomas French. Rev. Wadsworth has agreed to buy the property
1778 NRO see below now in the tenure of Francis Kightley
1793 NRO see below Kingstones House in Old Stratford in the tenure of Francis Kightley
1807 NRO see below Kingstone House in Old Stratford was sold to Joshua Thorne
1832 NRO see below

1833 -1840 Electoral Rolls John Durham occupier of house and land at £50 a year rent
1841 Census Kitty Thorne Ind
1842-1843 Electoral Rolls
James Capt R N THORNE High-St Portsmouth County of Southampton Moiety of freehold houses and land at Old Stratford Old Stratford occupied by
John Durham, Widow Chibnall and others
John THORNE Market Square Wellingborough Moiety of freehold houses and land  Old Stratford occupied by
John Durham, Widow Chibnall and others
George Edward THORNE Stony Stratford East, Bucks One seventh share of freehold houses and land  Old Stratford occupied by
John Durham, Widow Chibnall and others
Joshua Henry THORNE Stony Stratford East, Bucks
Now on the High Seas
One seventh part of freehold houses and land  Old Stratford occupied by
John Durham, Widow Holland and others
1844 Electoral Rolls As above Old Stratford occupied by Widow Chibnall and others
1849 1850 Electoral Rolls George Edward Thorne Stony Stratford East, Bucks One seventh share
of freehold houses and land Widow Chibnall, Widow Holland and others
1851 Electoral Rolls George Edward Thorne Freehold house and land Kingstone House
1851 Census G. E. Thorne Common Brewer
1861 Electoral Rolls George Edward Thorne Kingstone House
1861 Census George Edward Thorne retired draper
1860-1867 Electoral Rolls George Edward Thorne Kingstone farm
1871 Census Edward Hayes
1877 Post Office Directory Edward Hayes Sen.
1881 Census
1891 Census John Reeves Hardware contractor
1901 Census John Reeves
1906 Kelly's Directory Frederick Bennett refeshment rooms & Ruth Bennett apartments
1910 Kelly's Directory Ruth Bennett refreshment rooms
1911 Census Frederick Bennett Fitter's labourer Holyhead House
1914 Kelly's Directory Ruth Bennett refreshment rooms
1928 Walter John Scott Kingston House
1931-40 Kelly's Directory Elizabeth Faulder Scott tea rooms, Kingston House
1946-49 Electoral Rolls Elizabeth F. Scott Kingston House

Kingston House, Old Stratford and adjoining properties 1744 – 1849

NRO ZB 983/1

14 May 1744

1. Gift

1. Joseph Peake late of Old Stratford in Cosgrove but now of Tingwick, Bucks.

2. Thomas Kingston of Stoke Bruerne, his nephew

For the conveyance of a toft or parcel of ground in Old Stratford where the dwelling house of Peake lately stood before it was burnt down with a yard and two orchards or garden belonging and a close adjoining of about 1 acre and one acre, 3 roods of land in the fields of Cosgrove

Witnesses: Edward Bloxham, Thomas Grimstick

(1 doc)

NRO ZB 983/2

2. Assignment of a mortgage

1. Mrs Hannah Goodchild of Towcester

2. Thomas Kingston late of Shutlanger in Stoke Bruerne but now of Stowe [Nine Churches]

3. The Rev. Richard Wadsworth of Old Stratford and Joseph Gibbons of Old Stratford his trustee

Reciting a mortgage of 20 November 1753 between Kingston and Mrs Goodchild on his newly erected cottage in Old Stratford with the yard, two orchards, close and land as described above ZB 983/1, in the tenure of Thomas French.

Kingston did not repay the agreed sum of £61 4s  and there is now due and owing £88 16s.

Also reciting the inclosure agreement for Cosgrove awarding Kingston one plot of land in place of his one acre and 3 roods.

The Rev. Wadsworth has agreed to buy the property and will pay off the mortgage out of the consideration

Now Mrs Goodchild assigns the remainder of the mortgage term to Gibbons in trust for the Rev. Wadsworth

Witnesses: Mary Bloxham, Edward Grant

(1 doc)

27 Oct 1778

3. Lease and release [lease missing]

1. Thomas Kingston

2. The Rev. Wadsworth

For the Conveyance of the cottage, yard and close as described above ZB/ 982/2 with a plot of land in Cosgrove of 2a. 1r. 17p. as awarded at inclosure all now in the tenure of Francis Kightley

Consideration: £410

Witnesses: John Clarke, Edward Grant

(1 doc)

1793 – 1800

4. Probate of the will and codicil of Miss Mary Wadsworth of Bank End in Midgley, Halifax, Yorkshire

To her cousin William Wadworth of Heptonstall her house called Little Longbottom in Warley in the tenure of John Ogden

To her cousin Mary Shackleton, wife of John Shackleton of Greave her house called Boxhouse in Midgley in the tenure of Elias Thomas for her life, then to George Stanfeld of Fieldhouse in Lowerby and Jonathan Chadwick of Pepper Hill in Midgley in trust.

Her house called Pepper Mill in Midgley in the tenure of Chadwick to her cousin Henry or Harry Wadsworth of Hepstonstall for his life, then to her trustees

Her house called The Cage or The Fold in Heptonstall in the tenure of  John Foster to her cousin John Wadsworth of Horshold in Erringden for his life, then to her trustees. Mary Shackleton, and Henry Wadsworth are the children of her late uncle Henry or Harry Wadsworth. Her house called Kingstones House in Old Stratford in the tenure of Francis Kightley to her cousin Margaret Slater, the widow of Thomas Slater of Heptonstall for life, then to her trustees In trust to sell the properties. Trustees should use the proceeds of the sales for any children of the beneficiaries.

Also to her trustees her house called Bank End for sale, the proceeds to become part of her personal estate.

To her trustees all her money, investments and personal estate £100 should be placed out at interest and the interest paid half yearly to Mary Gibson, the wife of Daniel Gibson, one of the daughters of my late cousin John Wadsworth of Heptonstall for life on her death they should call in the £100 and pay the same to any children./

£100 each to her trustees as a ‘recompence for their care and trouble’ To Mrs Hannah Lister of Halifax, widow of the late Thomas Lister Mrs Martha Walton the wife of Richard Walton of Luddenden, my Goddaughter Hannah Lister daughter of ‘the present’ Thomas Lister of Halifax and my Goddaughter Tabitha Walton daughter of John Walton of Luddenden £100 each

To William Wadsworth, Richard Wadsworth, Margaret otherwise Peggy, the wife of John Rigg, Jane Wadsworth and Susan Wadsworth, the children of her late cousin Richard Wadsworth of Heptonstall £100 each

To George Greenwood, the son of her late cousin Mary Greenwood by William Greenwood £100. Mrs Greenwood was also the daughter of Richard Wadsworth.

To ‘her relations’ James and William Gibson, sons of James Gibson late of Heptonstall £100 each.

To Susan Green, the wife of Samuel Green, one of the daughters of her cousin John Wadsworth £100

To Elizabeth Ann and Sarah Kightley daughters of Francis Kightley of Old Stratford £50 each

To Samuel Duperoy of St Martins Le Grand, London £50

The rest and residue of her estate, except a house called Jack Hey in Sowerby and a cottage near by in the tenures of William and Enoch Tattersall which she has otherwise disposed of, to her cousins William Wadsworth, Henry Wadsworth, John Wadsworth and Margaret Slater.

Stansfield and Chadwick to be executors

Will dated 15 May 1793

Witnesses: Elias Thomas, John Crosley, William Wilcock

Codicil dated 4 May 1796

William Wadsworth of Heptonstall has died without issue leaving a widow Mary. She now devises the house called Little Longbottom to Mrs Wadsworth for life then to her trustees for sale. The proceeds shall go to her cousins John Wadsworth, Henry Wadsworth and Margaret Slater and to the children of the late John Shackleton of Greave in Wadsworth in 4 equal shares

Also to Mrs Wadsworth £50

Witnesses: Elias Thomas, John Crosley, Sarah Patchett

Probate dated 31 January 1800

(2 docs)

[On 10/11 April 1807 Kingstone House in Old Stratford was sold to Joshua Thorne. The conveyance does not survive in this collection but is referred to in the conveyance of 1849, see below ZB 983/6]


5. Probate of the will and codicil of Joshua Thorne of Old Stratford in Cosgrove

Bequeathing all his furniture, plate, linen, books, clothes and other effects, money and securities and all his personal estate to his dear wife Kitty, formerly Kitty Robinson.

His houses and real estate to his sons James, a captain in the Royal Navy, George Edward of Stoney Stratford, a draper and John, a chemist and druggist. In trust to allow his wife to receive the rents for her life and then for sale. The proceeds should be divided into 8 shares for his daughter Anna Maria, the wife of Mattias March, his sons James, George Edward, Joshua Henry and John, his daughter Sarah Georgina Thorne and Richard Robinson, his wife’s son by her previous marriage. Sarah Georgiana will have two eighth shares.

He desires that his two sons George Edward or John take ‘Richard their brother’ into their home after the death of his mother or see that he is comfortably provided for. His share should be paid to the son who agrees to take care of him. It is very probable that he will have other provision from his uncle M Robinson ‘who has promised so to do in his letter to me’.

Trustees may delay sale indefinitely as long as the rents are paid in the shares outlined.

His wife and sons James and George Edward to be executrix and executors

Will dated 20 April 1832

Witnesses:  Ar. Capes, H. S. Kettle, Maria Kettle

Codicil dated 12 August 1832

Added in consideration ‘of the uncertainty and instability of merchants’ and as his daughter Anna Maria has not received the same proportion as her brothers she shall have when the estate is divided the £50 his son James owed him when he left Old Stratford in January 1831. Also the Anna Maria a further £50 made up by 3 sums of £16.13.4 paid by his sons George Edward, Joshua Henry and John.

By the blessings of God his sons ‘are established in a fair and creditable line of life ….’ And he feel happy that they will comply with his sincere request that they render what assistance they can to their sisters.

Memorandum that Matthew William and George Dickins both of Old Stratford verify the authenticity of the codicil, 23 February 1833

Probate dated 7 March 1833

(2 docs)

6. Conveyance dated 28 Jun 1849

1. Capt. James Thorne of Clifton near Bristol, George Edward Thorne of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire and John Thorne of Bedford, trustees under the will of their late father Joshua Thorne

2. Mattias March of Gosport, Hampshire and Anna Maria his wife and Richard Reeves Wilkinson of Gosport and Sarah Georgiana his wife, Mrs March and Mrs Wilkinson being the daughters of thelate Joshua Thorne

3. Alfred Hailey of Stony Stratford

4. Edwin Revill of Stony Stratford, his trustee

Reciting the will and codicil of the late Joshua Thorne [see above ZB 983/5]

Thorne died on 11 February 1833

James and Anna Maria were children by a former wife. George Edward, Joshua Henry, John and Sarah Georgiana were children by his wife Kitty

Mrs Thorne died in November 1841

Reciting an instrument of 10 January 1842 by Sarah Georgianna, then still unmarried, giving up her right to the extra one eighth share to be divided amongst them all.

Reciting the will of Joshua Henry Thorne of 10 January 1845 devising his whole estate to his wife Sarah. She died before her husband on 5 May 1847. Joshua Henry Thorne died at sea on 29 May 1847 without issue.

Richard Robinson has since the death of his mother been kept and maintained by George Edward Thorne who intends to care for him for his life.

Reciting a memorandum of 25 May 1849 by the Marches and the Wilkinsons authorizing the sale of the estate.

For the conveyance to Hailey of Kingstone House Old Stratford, 3 other houses adjoining built by the late Joshua Thorne, a close adjoining divided into two of one acre and 2a. 1r. 17p. and an island in the River Ouse called Grigs Harbour. Formerly in the occupation of Francis Kightley. Conveyed to Thorne by lease and release of 10/11 April 1807 between 1. Joseph Chadwick 2. John Freer Congreve 3. Joshua Thorne 4. John Day and 5. Arthur Capes. Now in the occupation of Messrs Horwood, Cable, Wilson and Perdue as tenants

Consideration: £1000

Witnesses: Charles Strangeways Torriano, captain in the Royal Artillery, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, Henry Pywell, solicitor, Northampton, James Adams, architect and surveyor, Portland Place, Gosport

(1 doc)

Kingston House
In 1854 George Edward Thorne brewer and maltster was living at Kingstone House, he was actually brewing in Stony Stratford.

The Northampton Mercury October 22nd 1791


On the 15th of November next, at the Saracen’s Head Inn, in Old Stratford (unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given)
TWO substantial well-conditioned DWELLING HOUSES, with an Acre of GARDEN-GROUND (more or less) adjoining, situate on the Chester Road, in Old Stratford aforesaid, and in the several Occupations of Widow Kingston, and Joseph King.
These premises will be an eligible Purchase to any Person whose Business requires a Situation on a great public Road.
Apply, for Particulars, and to treat for the same by private Contract, to Mr. Ewesdin, Attorney, Stony Stratford.
Stony Stratford, Oct. 14th, 1791

The Northampton Mercury December 21st 1822

Neat Household Furniture and other Effects.
 To be, SOLD by AUCTION,
 On Monday the 23d Day of December, 1822,

PART of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. of Mr. JOSHUA THORN, on the Premises at OLD  STRATFORD, in the County of Northampton, who is removing to another House. — The FURNITURE comprises Bedsteads, with Furnitures; feather Beds, and Mattresses, Quilts and Blanket; a capital seven-feet Sofa, with hair Mattresses; four fine down feather Pillows and two chintz Covers; handsome mahogany Sideboard, with Cellarets complete; pier Glass, in a gilt Frame, Plato 3 Feet 9 Inches by 2 Feet 2  Inches ; a library Table on Pillar and Claws, with Drawers, &c. very complete, and curious fancy Wood ; dining Table on Claws; mahogany dining, card, and tea Tables: mahogany Chest of Drawers, commode Fronts; mahogany Child’s dinner Chair, chamber and Windsor Chairs, Harpsicord, organised ; one fowling Piece, one Pair at horse Pistols, one Pair of pocket Ditto, Town made, with stop Locks, &c. transparent window Blinds, tea Boards and Waiters, China, Glass, and Earthenware, time Pieces, Mangle, washing Machine, mash Vat and Coolers, hogshead and other beer Casks two cucumber Frames with Lights; garden Roll, bee House, four  Stocks of Bees, and various other Effects.
The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely.

The Northampton Mercury February 19th 1842

OLD STRATFORD, Northamptonshire.
On Monday the 7th day of March, 1842, and the following day if necessary, on the Premises,

THE neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, GOODS, and EFFECTS of the late Mrs. THORNE, deceased; comprising mahogany dining room and other chairs, handsome mahogany dining tables, work tables, fine-toned square pianoforte, elegant mirror, in gilt frame, with branches; Brussels and other carpets, mahogany liquor case, copper coal scuttle, brass and other fenders, fire irons, pier and other glasses, fire screens, oil cloth, books, bookcase, China, glass, &c. &c.; four-post, tent, and other beds, with furniture; excellent well-seasoned feather beds, mattresses, blankets, linen, mahogany and other chests of drawers, dressing and washing tables, wash-stands, swing glasses, night commode, easy chairs, moreen, chintz, and dimity window curtains; kitchen furniture, culinary utensils in copper, brass, and tin, &c. &c.; washing utensils, ladders, carpenter’s bench, garden seat, &c.

The Sale to commence at Ten o’Clock

N.B. The PREMISES, consisting of an excellent Dwelling House, in complete repair, with good garden, stable, and chaise house, to be LET, with immediate possession. Enquire of Mr. G. E. Thorne, or Mr. John Durham, both of Stony Stratford

The Wolverton Express May 15th 1964

Death of Mrs E F Scott

Mrs Elizabeth Faulder Scott died at her home Kingston House Old Stratford on May 6 aged 92.   
Mr Scott, her husband, Mr Walter Scott, and daughter Lucy opened the Scott’s Guest House on the Watling Street in 1927. It was then called The Kingston Guest House.  
Her son Mr Harold Scott, joined them after the war and is not the proprietor. 
The funeral service was at The Stony Stratford Congregational Church on Saturday.  
[Previously had Leighton Buzzard Laundry Agency in Church Street Wolverton.  Many years ago lived at old ex ... house Yardley Gobion.]

Kingston House 2003