Old Stratford Lancaster Cottage - The Old Coach House

Lancaster Cottage - The Old Coach House
Old No. 3 Stratford Road
The Old Coach House
See Kingston House: For the conveyance to Hailey of Kingstone House Old Stratford, 3 other houses adjoining built by the late Joshua Thorne, a close adjoining divided into two of one acre and 2a. 1r. 17p. and an island in the River Ouse called Grigs Harbour. Formerly in the occupation of Francis Kightley. Conveyed to Thorne by lease and release of 10/11 April 1807 between 1. Joseph Chadwick 2. John Freer Congreve 3. Joshua Thorne 4. John Day and 5. Arthur Capes. Now in the occupation of Messrs Horwood, Cable, Wilson and Perdue as tenants

1861 Census Ellen Thorne Draper's Daughter, Kingston House Stony Stratford Buckinghamshire
1871 Census Ellen Lancaster Daughter of George Edward Thorne who had lived in Kingston House next door.
1874 Whellan & Co. Mrs. Ellen Lancaster Private Resident
1877 Post Office Directory Charles William Lancaster Private Resident
1885- 90 Kelly's Directory Mrs. Lancaster Private Resident
1891 Census Mary Jane Woodman Living on own means Crafton [hamlet of] Wing Buckkinghamshire
1901 Census Oswald Hamilton "Lancaster Cottage" Mechanical Engineer Manchester Lancashire
1934 Died May 1934 Oswald Hamilton
1934 Electoral Rolls Sidney & May Tee

The Northampton Mercury July 14th 1899

COSGROVE. FUNERAL. At mid-day on Saturday the remains of the late Mrs. Ellen Lancaster, were interred in Cosgrove Cemetery. Mrs. Lancaster was a native of Old Stratford, where she resided till about six years ago, when she went to live at Buckingham, where she died rather suddenly on Thursday, July 6th. The deceased was ell-known in the neighbourhood, and highly respected, and much sympathy is expressed with the daughters in their heavy bereavement. The service in church was conducted by the Rev. H. N. C. Hewson, rector of Cosgrove, and at the graveside by the Rev. P. P. Golding, vicar of Buckingham. The grave was lined with moss and ferns by Mr. and Mrs. Hutton. The coffin, which was of oak, with brass furniture, was made by Mr. Marshal of Buckingham, and bore the inscription; "Ellen Lancaster, died July 6th. 1899, aged 59 years." It was covered with beautiful floral tributes, sent by Edith and Kathleen (daughters), Alderman H. Bright, (Leamington), Mr. and Mrs. Thorne (London), brother and sister, Mr. G. Thorne (brother), Mrs. Thorne, Mr. Edwin Woodford, Mr. and Mrs. Bird, Miss K. Bird, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Reeve, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend (Water Stratford), Edith and Kitty Horwood, Mr. and Mrs. Thorne, and other relatives, and one of the pupils at the school at Buckingham. The mourners were Miss Lancaster, Miss K. Lancaster, Mr. Thorne, Mr. Athol Thorne, Dr. De'Ath. Mrs. and the Misses Bird, Mr. E. Woodford, Miss Thomas. Dr. Thorne, of London (brother), owing to a mistake in the railway arrangements arrived too late to attend the funeral.

Oswald Tee (grandson of Oswald) outside Lancaster Cottage