Old Stratford Wharf Estate Papers 1807 - 1821

NRO ZB 1554/05

An estate in Old Stratford belonging to Edward Boddington, James Tapp and George D’arville 1807 – 1821

24 Oct 1807

1 Deed of dissolution of copartnership and security for monies advanced.

1. Edward Boddington of Old Stratford, yeoman

2. James Tapp of Mansion House Street, London, gentlemen and George D’arville of Oxford, timber merchant

Reciting a lease and release of 20/21 September 1803 between Richard Sirett and Boddington and John Worley conveying the properties as described below, except the wind and steam mill, in trust to Worley for Boddington.

Also reciting an agreement of 18 September 1807 between Boddington, Tapp and D’arville for a copartnership as cornfactors and millers at Old Stratford for 21 years from 29 September. Each partner was equally advance such sums of money as were necessary to run the business. Subsequently they each agreed to pay £300 for the purchase of stock and Tapp and D’arville paid £600 to Boddington who resided at Old Stratford and managed the business.

Boddington was unable to pay the £300

They have now agreed to dissolve the partnership and Boddington will mortgage the property to secure the repayment of the £600 and any expenses or damages Tapp and D’arville have sustained. Boddingtonshall be entitled to the stock of corn and grain.

For several messuages or houses with their yards and gardens in Old Stratford of half an acre in the tenures of Martha Tidman, John Tidman and John Shrieve. Bounded by the Chester road on the west or southwest, The Grand Junction Canal on the southeast, a close or pightle of pasture land in the occupation of Robert Truss on the north and a close belonging to William Rogers on the north east. Also the wind and steam mill and the steam engine lately erected and built by Boddington on the half acre

Boddington will repay the £600 to Tapp and D’arville with interest at a rate of 5% and also any expenses relating to the copartnership or its dissolution. He will indemnify them from any losses or damages sustained now or in the future.

Witnesses: W. Holland, Crews Dudley, Thomas Anderson of Southampton Buildings, London, George Lewen of the same place.

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24 Oct 1807

2 Bond as collateral security for the above mortgage

Witness: W. Holland, Crews Dudley

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25 Apr 1812

3 Abstract of a bargain and sale under a commission of bankruptcy against George D’arville

1. John Reeves, Richard Wilson and George Nigel Edwards

2. Thomas Arnott the younger of Upper Ground Street, Surrey, timber merchant, John Lett of Lambeth, timber merchant and James Tapp of the City of London, banker

Reciting a commission of bankruptcy of 3 April 1812 against George D’arville of Oxford, timber merchant, directed to Reeves, Wilson and Edwards with Richard Wooddeson and Archibald Cullen

The Commissioners agreed that D’arville owed Tapp £100 and upwards and he was declared bankrupt.

At a meeting of the commissioners at the Guildhall in the City of London following a notice in the London Gazette it was found that D’arville owed creditors £10 and upwards. They then assigned his personal estate and effects to Arnott, Lett and Tapp in trust for them and the other creditors.

The commissioners found that by a lease and release of 7/8 October 1808 between 1. William Butler, Edward Boddington, Arthur Capes and William West 2. Edward Boddington 3. James Tapp and George D’arville  4. William Ward and 5. Percival Walsh, an estate in Old Stratford, as described below, had been conveyed from Boddington to William Ward.

For a messuage or tenement with a yard, garden and stables in Old Stratford then in the tenure of Boddington with a pightle or close of Pasture of 1½ acres adjoining. Purchased by Boddington from George Osborne who had purchased the same from William Tomlin and Elizabeth his wife.

Also several messuages or houses as described above formerly in the tenures of Richard Sirett, Thomas Webster, John Dickens and William Esdon and then in the tenures of John Heman, John Tidman and Isaac Haman.

Also the wind and steam mill as described above. The commissioners also found that by an agreement of 21 December 1808 between 1. William Ward 2. William Holland, coal merchant and 3. James Tapp and George D’arville, Ward had purchased the estate in Old Stratford on behalf of Tapp and D’arville in trust for £2765 loaned by Ward and Holland. Tapp and D’arville were to repay the £2765 and interest in equal shares and then Ward would convey the estate to them for ever./ Now the commissioners convey D’arville’s half share in the Old Stratford estate to the assignees subject to the mortgage to Ward and Holland.

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11 Nov 1815

4 Assignment and mutual release

1. James Tapp of the City of London, gentleman

2. Thomas Arnott the younger of Upper Ground Street in the parish of Christchurch, Surrey and John Lett of Lambeth, Surrey, both timber merchants

Reciting the commission of bankruptcy against George D’arville

Also reciting that the accounts of the partnership between Tapp and D’arville as millers remain unsettled. Tapp has proved that £1038.5.4 was on a separate account of D’arville at his bankruptcy . Arnott, Lett and Tapp as his assignees then agreed to settle the differences in accounts by arbitration.

Also reciting two bonds of 10 November 1815 by Tapp to Arnott and Lett and by Arnott and Lett to Tapp agreeing to the arbitration and decision of Edward Richards Adams of Basinghall Street in the City of London and Duncan Maclanrin of Lombard Street in the City of London accountants and a third person who they shall appoint. All joint accounts between Tapp and D’arville were closed and all the joint estate and debts are to be assigned to Tapp./

Now Arnott and Lett assign to Tapp D’arville’s half share in their business. Tap will indemnify and release them from any debts or other demands arising from the business.

Witnesses: William Rixon, Haydon Square, Charles Magenis, his clerk, Christopher Graveley, clerk to Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Basinghall Street

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20/21 Apr 1821

5/6 Lease and release

1. John Worley of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, surgeon, a trustee for a half share in part of the estate described below/

2. Henry Ward of Oxford, coal merchant, as the mortgagee for himself and William Holland

3. William Holland of Atherstone, Warwickshire, merchant

4. Thomas Arnott the younger of Upper Ground Street, Surrey, John Lett of Lambeth and James Tapp of 9 Mansion House Street in the City of London, assignees of the estate of Goegre D’arville a bankrupt

5. George D’arville of Oxford

6. Percival Walsh of Oxford, gentleman

7. James Tapp

8. Robert Curtis of 9 Mansion House Street, gentleman, a trustee for Tapp

9. Charles Tapp of Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, [London] coach maker, also a trustee for Tapp

Reciting a lease and release of 5/6 December 1799 between 1. George Osborn of Old Stratford 2. Edward Boddington, meal merchant and 3. Thomas Boddington, his trustee, conveying to Boddington the property first described.

Also reciting a lease and release of 20/21 September 1803 [as recited above]

Boddington then built a wind and steam mill on the property. Also reciting the deed of dissolution of 24 October 1807 [see above]

The £600 was never paid to Tapp and D’aville

Also reciting the lease and release of 27/28 February 1808 between 1. Edward Boddington 2. William Butlin, Edward Boddington of Cesters over, Warwickshire, Arthur Capes of Shrob Lodge, Passenham and William West of Stony Stratford, carpenter and joiner, 4 of the creditors of Edward Boddington and 3 other creditors whose signatures were appended. To convey Boddington’s estate to Butlin, Boddington and West in trust to settle his debts.

Also reciting the lease and release of 7/8 October 1808 [see above] Boddington’s property was sold at auction in two lots on 18 May 1808 and purchased by William Ward for £2270 and £495, together making £2765.

Tapp and D’arville paid the legal expenses for the deeds of partnership and dissolution amounting to £33.17.6 With certain other costs they were owed £10, making a total of £680.8s due from Boddington to be paid out of the purchase money – Boddington’s unexpired mortgage term was assigned to Walsh as a trustee for Ward.

Also reciting the agreement of 21 December 1808 where Ward purchased the property for Tapp and D’arville with money loaned by himself and Holland.

Also reciting an agreement of 16 July 1813 between John Holland of Brentford, coal merchant, one of the 3 children of the late William Holland and Henry Ward. William Holland died on 12 May 1809 intestate leaving John, Joseph and William as his only surviving children. Joseph Holland has died and John owes Ward £700. With interest the total sum owed by Tapp and D’arville was then £2842 making John Holland’s share £473.13s. Holland agrees to assign his share to Ward in part payment of his debt.

Also reciting an agreement of 5 December 1814 between William Holland the son, of Atherstone. John Holland his brother and Henry Ward to ratify the assignment.

Also reciting letters of administration of 14 November 1814 granted to Mary Holland the widow of the late Joseph Holland.

Also reciting a release of 2 October 1814 between Mrs Holland and William Holland. Mrs Holland had received £460.16.8 as her share.

Also reciting the will of William Ward of 6 May 1814 bequeathing all his estate to his ‘natural and adopted son’ Henry Ward. He died on 25 August 1815.

Also reciting a commission of bankruptcy of 3 April 1812, against George D’arville.

Also reciting the assignment of 11 November 1815, ending the partnership of Tapp and D’arville.

The £2765 remains owing to Henry Ward and William Holland but all interest has been paid. Tapp now wishes to pay off the mortgage and will convey the Old Stratford estate in trust to Curtis to do this.

For the estate in Old Stratford as described above. The messuage or tenement and close now in the tenure of Edward Tapp. The several messuages or houses now in the tenure of Edward Tapp and Richard Beasant.

To Robert Curtis in trust for James Tapp to bar dower

Walsh conveys the release of the mortgage to Charles Tapp in trust for James Tapp

Consideration: £2765, £1843.6.8 Henry ward and £921.13.4 to William Holland.

Witnesses: John Fr. Congreve, solicitor, Stony Stratford, G. Moore, his clerk, John Walsh of Oxford, attorney at law, H. A. Maybury, his clerk Ralph Spicer, clerk to Messrs. Sweet, Stokes and Carr, Basinghall Street, London, Edward Chater, attorney, Birmingham, John Guset, his clerk, Frederick D’Arville, Catherine D’Arville, George Price and Robert Core, clerks to Messrs.  Evitt and Rixon, 40 Haydon Square, Thomas Goodwin and Edward Cha[ ]d Of Mansion House

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