AMMUNITION Articles used in charging guns and ordnance.
AMPULLA A miniature lead phial worn around the neck as a religious pilgrim sign, generally medieval.
ARMS The heraldic bearings or shield of a person, family or corporation.
AWL A simple, pointed implement for piercing.
BODKIN A pointed tool used to pierce holes, usually in textiles.
BUCKLE Clasp for fastening together two loose ends.
CARTRIDGE The case containing the charge for a firearm.
COCKSPUR A metal spur fitted to the leg of a fighting cock as an aid in fighting.
COIN A piece of metal, usually cast, struck or stamped, with a definite value.
COIN BLANK An unstruck coin piece.
COIN DIE A block of metal with a device cut into it, used to impress a coin blank.
COIN WEIGHT One of a set, used as standards for specific coins, often bearing stamps and other marks of authenticity.
CORE The piece of stone or flint remaining after flakes have been produced. This is a by-product of tool manufacture.
DRESS HOOK A hook to join parts of clothing together.
EAR SCOOP A thin scoop used for cleaning the ear.
END SCRAPER A flint blade with retouch on one or both ends.
END SCRAPER A flint blade with retouch on one or both ends.
GUNFLINT A shaped flint used in flintlocks to create the spark to fire the gun.
HOOKED TAG A garment hook having a flat plate, often decorated, with two or more holes for attachment and a hooked projection. The term is often used for early Medieval examples.
INTAGLIO Semi precious stone or glass engraved with a design and used to make an impression on wax or clay.
JEWS HARP An instrument consisting of a small lyre-shaped metal frame held between the teeth, with a steel tongue plucked with the finger.
LITHIC IMPLEMENT Knapped or ground stone/flint tool where the specific type is unknown. Use more specific type where known.
MOUNT An object of any shape or material (usually metal) with evidence suggesting attachment to something more substantial. Use where the object would have been mounted or the function is uncertain.
MUSKET A metal sphere, usually lead, fired from a musket. Often bound into a cartridge.
PILGRIM BADGE A badge, usually of lead alloy, distributed at various religious shrines of the medieval period and worn on clothing as proof of a pilgrimage and as a talisman.
SCRAPER (TOOL) A flake or blade with retouch along one or more edges
SPINDLE WHORL The weight attached to a spindle used for handspinning