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CottageStoke Goldington Association is pleased to make available a database on past residents of the village for researching family history.

Records so far included in the database are as follows.

No. of
Stoke Goldington Village  
     Census 1851
     Census 1861
     Census 1881
     Census 1891
     Census 1901
Gayhurst Village  
     Census 1891
     Census 1901

As indicated above, data from the neighbouring village of Gayhurst is being added to the database. Records for Gayhurst for the 1891 and 1901 censuses were added in October 2006.

Records are searched via a Master Index. The Master Index contains a summary of information from all sources. From the initial results of a search, the Master Index permits a second search that will search for alternative spellings of the name selected. For instance, in a search for Anne Pallett, the second search will also find A Pallit. From the results of these searches, the full details from the census return can be displayed. To begin a search click Person Search.

Transcriptions of the census returns can also be reviewed page-by-page. Note that the Gayhurst data is segregated in the database as if it were a separate census district (district 2). To select a census year, district and page click on Page-by-Page search.

Separate pages are available which list all names mentioned in the master index. The main purpose of these pages is to make all names available to search engines such as Google (because search engines cannot access the database directly). To access these web pages click on List of Names.

Similar family history databases are available for two neighbouring villages. For further information click on the following:

Hanslope Family History Introduction

Yardley Gobion Family History Introduction

Where Stoke Goldington records indicate that a person was born or was resident in these villages, a link is provided to search the database of the other village.

Microfilm copies of the original census records are available in the library archives in Milton Keynes and in Aylesbury.

Information is also available on Monument Inscriptions in the church and churchyard. This data has not yet been incorporated into the database, but can be viewed separately. To view the monument inscriptions click Inscription Search.

This family history and research facility is being developed with the generous support of Milton Keynes Community Foundation


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