The small hamlet of Gayhurst has had more than its share of History, Romance, Intrigue and Adventure than it had a right to expect.

Situated in a remote northern corner of the County of Buckinghamshire you might expect that little of consequence had ever happened here. How wrong you would be.

  • Life and Death in the Bronze Age
  • Occupation by the Romans.
  • Home to a kinsman of King Harold.
  • Tenanted by William the Conqueror’s treacherous half brother, Bishop Odo of Bayeux.
  • Given to Sir Francis Drake by Good Queen Bess.
  • Home of Sir Everard Digby, Gunpowder Plotter.
  • Home of Lord Carrington.
  • Residence of Sir Walter Carlile.
  • Owned by Lord Hesketh.
  • A satellite of The Bletchley Park code-breakers.
  • Owned by The Bank of Switzerland.
  • Converted into a boys boarding college.
  • And finally - Developed into a series of private dwellings.

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