John Cox

Police Officer's Record of Service
Full Name John COX

Photo not 100% confirmed as PC 133 John Cox
Date Appointed 5th January 1885
Collar Number 133
Date of Discharge 26th July 1893 (See below under Remarks)

Promoted to 3rd Class Constable 30th January 1885

Promoted to 2nd Class Constable 18th January 1886

Promoted to 1st Class Constable 26th May 1890

Promoted to Merit Class Constable (24/6 per week) 18th July 1892


Posted to Newport Pagnell 30th January 1885

Posted to Bradwell on 22nd October 1890

John Cox was 23 years old and single when he joined the Bucks Constabulary, he was 5ft 8in tall with brown eyes and brown hair (visage - oval). He was of proportionate build and had a tattoo on his right hand and arm. Born at Twyford Reading Berks he was a Labourer (plate layer) employed by David Clarke inspector of the Great Western Railway at Salthill, Slough.

P.C. John Cox died of Anthrax contracted on the 24th July 1893 he died on the 26th July the same year. Whilst helping to dispose of some bullocks at a farm in Haversham, he cut his hand slightly. The deadly disease anthrax infected the cut and within only two days of the incident he died. The disease broke out in a herd of Hereford cattle owned by a Mr. William Scott of Mill Farm.

Anthrax is a disease associated with animal contact, mostly farm animals such as sheep, goats, horses, swine and in this case cattle. It is rare these days in this country but still exists in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Today the disease can be treated with some success using penicillin but, unfortunately for John, penicillin had not yet been discovered. It was not until 1928 when Sir Alexander Fleming was to discover the drug.

The local paper described John as a “smart young officer who was much respected by his comrades and the general public”. His funeral took place on Saturday 29th July at his hometown of Twyford and was attended by officers and men from the Buckinghamshire Constabulary.

His widow Thirza received a gratuity of £39.4.0 from the Force before she returned with her two boys to Twyford, the place where she and her husband first met.


Chief Constable's Office, Aylesbury, 10th August 1893.

Police Constable 133 John Cox is struck off the strength of the Force from the 27th ultimo inclusive he having expired on the 26th.

Signed J.C. Tyrwhitt-Drake, Chief Constable.

A Gratuity of £39.4.0 granted to his widow.

**Records on this officer are complete**

Details were taken from the ‘Record of Service’ and ‘General Order’ books

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