A The purpose of The Association is to create and maintain an archive of photographs and documents that relate to the villages of Stoke Goldington and Gayhurst.

B To ensure that the archive and property of The Association is formally controlled and kept in safe custody.

C To ensure that in the demise of The Association that The Parish Council of Stoke Goldington would take custody of the archive and associated properties.

D Individual groups are licensed to undertake projects. The Association will meet expenses such as postage, stationery, films, printing etc.

E There will be a full meeting available to members at approximately monthly intervals, but at least 10 meetings in a full year.

F A committee is appointed to run the day to day matters and that its decisions will be brought to full meetings of The Association.

The committee consists of members of The Association and its officers are :-
Chairman Membership Secretary Archivist
Vice Chairman Speaker Organiser Librarian
Secretary Press Officer Treasurer

H A quorum of the committee will be five members.

I As many members who wish to be involved may serve on the committee.

J A record is to be kept of both committee and Association meetings.

K That membership of The Association is open to anyone.

L There is an annual membership fee. To be reviewed on an annual basis.

M The membership covers a period of one year, starting on May 1st each year. For students in full time education, there is no charge.

N Non members may attend Association meetings at a charge of one pound.

O Reports of Association activities will be sent to local newsletters and newspapers.

P At all times The Association will conduct itself in a way that is to the advantage of the village as a whole but will only confine itself to matters that are covered in it’s constitution.

Q Changes to the constitution can be instituted by any member who can obtain two seconders and can obtain a simple majority at a full monthly meeting which will have been advised in advance of the proposed change.

R The Association funds should be managed by the treasurer and a statement given at each meeting (Both Committee and Members meetings) of the current situation. That a bank account be set up and that two signatures be required from any one of four nominated officers of The Association.

S A website is to be developed and maintained.

Amended May 2005

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