Stoke Goldington Village Trail
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Got your walking shoes on ? Good, then let's go.

Let me introduce myself. My name's Pat Wells and I was born and bred in Stoke Goldington.

We’ll begin on the south side at the ‘Newport End’ of the village and then travel north.

Perversely enough, at ‘Town End Crescent’.

Entrance to Crescent 2002

A development of twenty four houses, built in 1950, arranged in six blocks of four,

around three sides of a square.

They were built by the Council as houses to rent but since the ‘Right to Buy Policy’

came into force in the early 1970’s, the majority are now privately owned.

In the early 1960’s twenty bungalows and bed-sits were built in the

middle of the square, available to rent by senior citizens.

As many of the properties are occupied by the original residents

we can assume that ‘Up the Crescent’ Is not a bad place to live.

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