That was a nice ecumenical touch. Do you want to sit a little longer to digest all that or shall we move on ?

Good, let’s go. It's all down hill from now on.

Passing the livery stables on our left we move on down Dag Lane which at the top is nothing but a country path

The Livery Stables 2002

On the land just beyond Missenden Cottage stood six thatched cottages that were destroyed in a disastrous fire in 1882.

If you look carefully amongst the long grass you can see the remains of their privies which were away from the thatched cottages.

When the fire took hold, a man was despatched to Newport Pagnell to get the fire brigade, but to no avail.

Ten families lost their homes and all their possessions that day.

None were insured but villagers came to the rescue.


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