© Copyright 1990 - G.M. Clark & E. Dixon; reproduced here by kind permission


Games used in Cedars Middle School at the present time (1990)

Mary McKee, the teacher of Class 12, kindly helped to complete this collection, Readers will notice similarities and differences between yesterday's and today's rhymes,

Singing games

ABC Together (Sarah Mitchell & Vicky Hurst)

ABC together
Up together
Down together
Knees together
Toes together
Sides together
Bums together
Bums together
Bum sha (ba) wa
Bum sha (ba) wa
Bum bum bum sham waa

See See My Baby

See, see my baby
I can not play with you
Because I have the flu
Chicken pox and measles too
Slide (me) down the drain pipe
Into the lavatory
I'll be your awful friend
For more, more
Shut that door.

Clapping Rhymes (Nicola Harvey & Dalena Davis)

High Shoe Hannah

I know a girl called High Shoe Hannah
The boys in the football team go H.S.H.
How's your mother
All right, White
Died in the fish shop
Last night,
What did she die of?
Raw fish,
How did she die?
Like this,

The Space Girl Goes

The space girl goes
Down, down, baby
Down by the roller coaster
Sweet, sweet baby
I'll never let you go
Shoo be do
Shoo be do
Shoo be do wop
My old granny
Sleeps in bed
This is what the doctor said
She'll be fine in a week or two
No more school for me or you.

I went to a Chinese Restaurant (Charlie Cassidy & Kerny Lever)

I went to a Chinese Restaurant
To buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread
He wrapped it up in a five pound note
And this is what he said, said, said
My name is Andy Pandy Sugar and Candy
Roly Poly Chinese chopsticks
King does a bow
Queen does a curtsy
Boys give a kiss
Girls go Wow.

Other Games

Alamatalamateaser (Darren Smith)

5 Players and over

2 walls

1 person stands in front of one wall

The rest stand by the other wall,

1st person says

Who has brown hair? (Can be any question)

Remaining players say

Who are you asking for asking for?

Another player is named by the remaining players

Sarah, Sarah (First person)
Will you come?

The 1st person says either No or Yes

If No is said

You are a naughty girl
naughty girl
naughty girl

This continues until the 1st person says Yes, when Sarah joins the first person, and this continues until all have joined the 1st person.

Cat and Mouse

5 or more players

One person to be the cat and is guarding the wall

The rest have to go away (they are the mice)

They have to touch the cat's wall and return to their starting post

If caught, they stand by the wall with a hand hut, waiting to be freed by other Mice, who touch hands

Whoever is caught three times is the next cat.

Children's Games 1990s - Cat & Mouse

Starting games used at the present time (Eleanor and Catherine Weston )

Ibbe Obble

Ibble Obble
Black Bubble
Ibble Obble
Turn the dirty dishcloth inside out.

There's a Party on the Hill

There's a party on the hill
Would you like to come?
Bring your own cup and saucer
Your own cream bun
Would you like to come?
Yes or no? (Person says, 'Yes')
Y.E.S. spells out
You must go.

Each Peach

Each, peach
Pear, plum
Choose your best chum.