As an aid to genealogical research, Stoke Goldington Association is pleased

to make available the results of a survey made in 1986 which recorded

the inscriptions on monuments in the churchyard and inside the church.

The location of the monuments in that year are also recorded.

For the locations, please refer to the 'churchyard' link page.

A considerable effort went into deciphering inscriptions that had been

eroded through time and the elements. Not all the inscriptions remain,

but anything which could be deciphered was recorded,

even where names, dates, etc. were incomplete.

Like most churchyards, changes take place as old stones fall,

are broken, become eroded or are cleared to assist maintenance of the area.

Some of the inscriptions which were recorded in 1986 may no longer be

legible or even in existence. Some newer ones were added in May 2002.

The survey was undertaken and subsequently updated by


(Stoke Goldington Association)