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FULL 1841 Census Transcription - 1911 Census Transcription
Public Houses: 1753 to 1827,   1872,   1577,   Summary table
  1910 Land Valuation Survey - lists of both owners and occupiers and their addresses, plus Ordnance Survey maps showing where people lived
  1918 Electoral Register
  1831 Militia Ballot - all men aged 18 to 45 liable to be conscripted into the Militia
Five Poll Books: 1710, 1713, 1722, 1784 and 1831

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Next meeting: 14th November: 'The Gunpowder Plot' - Talk by Chris Rowe
Full 2017/8 programme   September 2017 Newsletter   Minutes: 4 Oct/1 Nov/22 Nov 2016

Explore our beautiful village and its history!
Take a self-guided walk around Sherington with our 2 new leaflets
which include maps and information on points of interest
SHS Photographic Competition 2017 - Details
SHS Scarecrow Competition 2016 - Results and Photos
"A Little Bird Told Me..." - Philip Smith's book about Sherington - £12 from SHS - Further Details
St Laud's Parish Registers
Complete transcriptions and original copies of all 11 registers up to 1912 plus the Bishop's Transcripts
A.C.Chibnall's book 'Sherington: Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire Village' is available for £18.99
from Cambridge University Press or Amazon
Village tour map Village 
 This will guide you through the streets of Sherington and show you some of its story
Title from the 1796 Enclosure map Records   Family history, eg: burial records, monumental inscriptions, 25 Directories, 1796 Enclosure Map
Censuses: 1851 / 1861 / 1871 / 1881 / 1891 / 1901
St Laud's Church Church 
 Take a tour around the outside and inside of St Laud's Church
Sherington timeline Timeline   Significant events in Sherington's history
including: Domesday Book
Sherington murder weapon Rum 
 Doings in 
 The Society's first booklet: a murder in Sherington and an exhumation from the Churchyard
Myrtle Peach - one of the featured biographies Village 
 Meet some of the people who have made a significant contribution to life in the village
This website currently contains only a small fraction of the Society's archives and is steadily being extended as time and resources allow. Please visit us again soon to see what new material has been added. If you have any comments about the website, or suggestions as to how it should develop or improve, please contact Ian Collinge, 8 Gun Lane (opposite the White Hart), email:, who maintains the website on behalf of Sherington Historical Society.
If you are interested in present day activities in Sherington you may also wish to visit the Sherington village website:

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