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1910 Land Survey - High Street North

1910 Land Valuation Survey - High Street North

Note: The 1910 Land Valuation Assessment Numbers are those shown on the map in RED

No. of
Christian Names and
Surnames of Occupiers
Christian Names and Surnames
of Owners, with their Residences
Description of Property
- If an Inn, etc, the name or sign by which known
Street, Place, Name
and Precise Situation
of Property
61 Rose Jane G S Oldham Sherington House & Garden High Street
62 Smith William H Mrs Wilson London House & Garden High Street
63 Brooks Alfred Alfred Brooks Sherington Cottage High Street
64 Attwood Jack J Louisa Attwood Sherington Cottage High Street
65 Hickson W J W J Hickson Sherington House & Shop, Land High Street
66 Joyce Sarah Hipwell & Co Olney, Bucks Crown & Castle Inn High Street
67 Groom William Hills Trust Sherington Land, Blacksmith Shop, Cottage High Street
68 Mitchel - Hills Trust Sherington Cottage High Street
70 Empty Empty Hills Trust Sherington Cottage High Street
207 Gardner Ellen Mrs Wilson London Farm House, Building, Land High Street
245 Rose G. H. Mrs Wilson London Farm Land Umneys Close
254 Harding Jane Samuel Harris   House, Buildings, Land High Street, part of No 236

Note: The information in the above table is just a subset of the data in the Domesday Book and does not include the information from the Field Books. It is recommended that you also consult the other 1910 Land Survey pages to obtain a more complete picture.

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