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1910 Land Survey - South East Fields

1910 Land Valuation Survey - South East

Note: The map shown above contains a combination of information from the two sets of survey maps. The fields marked 'A' were recorded as being 'Arable', whilst those marked 'G' were recorded as being 'Grass'.

The 1910 Land Valuation Assessment Numbers are those shown on the map in RED

No. of
Christian Names and
Surnames of Occupiers
Christian Names and Surnames
of Owners, with their Residences
Description of Property
- If an Inn, etc, the name or sign by which known
Street, Place, Name
and Precise Situation
of Property
19 Jefferson Edward J Rev J G Chester Chicheley Land Home Farm, Chicheley
103 Yarborough Mrs Mrs Wilson London House & Garden, Land High Street
212 Burgess Thomas T Barton Exor Newport Pagnell Farm House, Buildings, Land Church End, Yew Tree Farm
213 Burgess Thomas     Farm Land Arable Perry Lane, New Pasture
214 Burgess Thomas H Rogers   Farm Land Bodington Leys
218 Field F J Rev John Chester Chicheley Farm House, Buildings, Land Church Farm
227 Jefferson & Son Mrs Salmon Newport Pagnell Farm Land Chicheley Hill
228 West Henry E Rose   Farm Land Chicheley Hill
231 Geden Rev J M Rev J M Geden Sherington House & Garden, Farm Land Rectory
240 Jefferson & Son Mercers Company London Farm House, Buildings, Land Mercers Farm, Croft End
242 Wright Walter Mercers Company London Cottage Mercers Farm, Croft End
243 Graves J W Mrs Wilson London Farm House, Buildings, Land Water Lane
244 Jefferson & Son Mrs Wilson London Farm Cottage, Buildings, Land Manor Farm
250 Bland Walter Walter Bland Park Farm, Sherington Farm House, Buildings, Land Park Farm
251 Field F. J. Mr Fitzgerald   Farm Land Sherington Stockings
252 Turney Charles Mr Fitzgerald   Farm Cottage, Buildings, Land Far Farm
253 Allotments - Mr Fitzgerald   Farm Land Far Farm
263 Wood E. E. Col. Fitzgerald Exors   Land & Blds Chicheley Hill
267 Various   Sherington Rector   Allotments Chicheley Hill

Note: The information in the above table is just a subset of the data in the Domesday Book and does not include the information from the Field Books. It is recommended that you also consult the other 1910 Land Survey pages to obtain a more complete picture.

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