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SHS Meeting Minutes AGM2


Sherington Historical Society AGM.

Tuesday 12th March 2002, Sherington Village Hall. 8pm.

Present: Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Mark Vale, Pearl Teasdale, Don Macfarlane, Irene Macfarlane, Les Milne, Enid Pepper, Anita Arnold, Kay Turrell, Oliver Powell & Gail Waters.

Apologies, Helen Vale, Jess & Sheila Line, Alan & Ann Barber, & Howard Dalton.

Norman opened the meeting at just after 8pm. Copies of the minutes of the 2001 AGM were given to each member present and Norman asked if everyone was satisfied that they were a true and accurate record. Acceptance was proposed by Enid Pepper and seconded by Oliver Powell.

  1. Chairman's report, A copy of the chairman's report is attached. Members made the following points:
          a) Pearl and Enid considered that the visit to the Local Studies Centre had been both enjoyable and interesting for those who attended, but would have been better if more members had attended.
          b) Norman expressed his thanks to Alan and Ann Barber who do all our photocopying free of charge.
          c) Enid suggested that a letter of thanks be sent to Alan and Ann on behalf of the members. Sheila Quinn to send the letter.
  2. Treasurer's report, Every member had a balance sheet on the reverse of which Mark had printed his report. We have a very healthy balance of 1,023.40p. 880 of the balance is the Millennium Fund money passed to us by the Millennium Committee; 368 having been spent by us on completing the Millennium Photograph Project. Even so, we now have a sound financial base.
  3. Mark expressed his thanks to Barry Holliss for auditing the accounts. Unfortunately Barry has resigned from the Society due to other commitments and Mark asked if there was another member who would undertake to audit the accounts next year. Pearl Teasdale volunteered her services and was very quickly seconded by Oliver and accepted by the members! A letter of thanks is to be sent to Barry Holliss.

    Mark considered that we had had successful open evenings with Philip Smith, Peter Gardner and Alan Richardson. He also asked if any members had ideas for further books as these have contributed to our bank balance. He ended his statement by reminding members that 2002 subs are now due and asked that his report be accepted.

    The accounts were proposed by Irene Macfarlane and seconded by Oliver.

  4. Secretary's Report: Sheila did not have much to report except that Norman's estimation that "the position would entail the typing of a couple of letters a year" was grossly underestimated!! Our involvement in the annual VW Car Raffle at CMK Shopping Centre had been a success and in order to participate in 2002 we will renew our membership of the MKCVO (Milton Keynes Council of Voluntary Organisations).
  5. Election of Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer: Nominations were invited but as none were forthcoming, Norman, Sheila & Mark agreed to stand for a further term.
    Their re-election was proposed by Pearl Teasdale & seconded by Don Macfarlane.
  6. Matters Arising:
          a) Children's Newspaper Book: This has not been as successful as the murder book. We will now start to "push" it at village events.
          b) Document Store: Now sorted by the VH Management Committee. Norman & Sheila are using the store on a regular basis, sorting our filing and references.
          c) Village Censuses: Gail reported that Andrew is making progress.
  7. Any Other Business.

    a) Funding: David Hyde (from the PC) has forwarded some literature from Bucks Community Action and the Local Heritage Initiative. It looks as if it might be to our advantage to approach them again for funding. Without reference to Francis Gomme this time, who rather than encourage us last time suggested we needed a much higher profile event than we are willing to commit ourselves to.

    b) Changes to the Constitution: Two suggestions were proposed:

    i) Addition to Article 5

    Existing sentence: The committee shall be empowered to make emergency by-laws, which must be submitted at the next AGM for approval.

    To read: The committee shall be empowered to make emergency by laws, also be able to co-opt an additional member onto the committee, if in their opinion, the need arises. Any such changes to be submitted at the next AGM for approval.

    ii) Additional article 15

    To read: That at any time during the year the committee shall, at its discretion, be able to bestow honorary membership, but must bring this to the attention of the members at the next meeting.

    Philip Smith & Peter Gardner were put forward by the Committee as being worthy of Honorary Membership. proposed by Anita Arnold.

    On the question of co-opted members, Don Macfarlane suggested that members could be co-opted on a temporary basis and matched to the need. There was general agreement to this suggestion. The Committee mentioned that an Events Secretary would be a useful addition.

    Agreement to the changes was proposed by Anita Arnold and seconded by Les Milne. New constitutions will be circulated to all members, in due course.

    Resignation of Barry Holliss: Barry has advised Mark that he will not be renewing his membership due to other commitments. He is undertaking training as a lay Methodist preacher.

    Donation to Scan: We are able to advertise in Scan without charge and have also obtained a number of back copies from the editor and Sheila Q suggested we make a one off goodwill donation. The members suggested the sum of 25. this motion was carried.

    Clutch Club: Kay reported that the Clutch Club is still meeting and would like details of anything to do with the Jubilee celebrations. They had settled on a Clutch Club Logo. They would also be setting up a stall for the Mayday Event.

    Enid suggested that SHS produce a "50 year" project. This could be in the form of a booklet/book each chapter covering a 10 year period. Norman said that there was a Jubilee production already in the pipeline covering this very area & subject, but we would record, liase & cover this ourselves. Gil Burgess & the Sax player are organising this event, it would not be as elaborate as Son et Lumiere, but possibly more comprehensive on the dates covered.

    16th March - An Afternoon of History: Final arrangements were made for the setting up of the exhibition. John Cook is to make the opening speech. Bucks Family History will have a stall and will answer any queries. Archives will be on display. Son et Lumiere Video will be playing. The Village Embroidery will be on display.(Norman checked with Enid as to the most suitable way to display the embroidery). Web-site book to be available, also that the electronic computer photos would be on display.

    Tom Ivester Lloyd: Mark has found a selection of 6 postcards, designed by T.I.L. and published by Raphael Tuck, on the Internet. T.I.L. was an illustrative artist as well as a painter & cartoonist.

The Committees & members thanks to Anita and Kay for providing the refreshments throughout the year.

The meeting closed at 9pm.

Norman Arnold, Chmn


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